Are you going to raise funds for a noble cause like for providing food items or essential supplies for natural disaster survivors or to fund underprivileged children? Even, if you are making some serious efforts to fund an event, a project or for skill development, you need a donation from known and unknown people. Many people willingly donate for noble causes. In such cases, you will require certificates of appreciation for donation to present them to the donators.

A certificate in exchange of money or clothes may seem nothing at a first glance, but don’t forget some good souls donate their blood too in blood donation camps and that too on a regular basis.  So, the piece of paper that you will present to appreciate donation givers must be designed elegantly and should genuinely convey your gratitude. Since we know that it will be impossible for you to do the designing part amidst so much work related to making preparations regarding your fundraising campaign, we are here to bring for you a nice collection of the certificate of appreciation templates. So, please have a look at the easy-to-use templates. Continue reading

SMART Goals Template is widely used in organizations and public institutions to set a goal and achieve it in a systematic way. In this article, we have tried to consolidate different forms of SMART goal templates which can be used for different situations. Before getting into the templates, let us understand what a SMART goal is.  Continue reading

Things that are pink in color : The color pink stands for joy and youthfulness in many cultures across the world.  It also toned down the passion of the color red.  The color made with a mix of red and white is extremely feminine as perceived by the public. However, now many men are always embracing the pink color in their formal and daily wear. In Japanese culture, the pink color is strongly associated with masculinity, which is sharp contrast to the western culture. There are many shades of pink in which, cosmetic companies launch their beauty products quite frequently.  Continue reading

Swimming award certificates are the best way to provide encouragement to the kids and to those who learn swimming. These award certificates can increase their confidence level so that they can start achieving more in Swimming sport.
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It is said that every child is gifted and an able teacher can give his or her life the best course of direction. Many times, it happens that going to school or attending lectures in a college appears boring, but a great teacher has the ability to make the classroom an exciting place by engaging all students! No wonder they shape our life and bring out the best out of us. So, if you are looking for a way to appreciate the efforts of your teacher, there is no better way than to gift your teacher an appreciation certificate. Continue reading

Free Printable Football Certificate Templates : The game of football that we all love today is also one of the most popular sports across the world. It also called soccer and is played by people of all age groups in a large number of countries. Consequently, there is no dearth of football schools or soccer clubs where kids, youth and elderly get enrolled to learn the tricks of the game. There are also numerous football leagues all over the world like the English Football League, France Ligue 1, and much more. People go mad when they watch players sweating out to win the tournament. Naturally, boosting their moral for their sustained efforts is an absolute necessity if you are a football coach and this is easy to do by recognizing their hard work. You can do this by either awarding them expensive trophies or by awarding them inexpensive certificates, which seem inexpensive at a glance but are priceless for football players. Continue reading

Rugby league football, a popular sport which has its origin in England is also known as Rugby League. Naturally, those successfully completed their Rugby coaching course are awarded certificates as a testimonial of their newly acquired skills. So, if you have a coaching institute where you need to award your students who have successfully completed the rugby league course, check out our small collection of Rugby certificate templates and download the ones that you feel are best to serve your purpose. So, let us have a look. Continue reading

This article provides collection of things that are orange in color. The color orange stands for enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement. Whenever we think about the orange color, the first thing or rather things that pop into our mind are traffic cones, life vests and of course, oranges. However, the bright color is very much around in nature i.e. in naturally made living and non-living things.  Continue reading

If you are looking for certificates for awarding player of the day of any sports tournament, there is a good news! We have collected 10 delightful player of the day certificate templates to serve your purpose. The best thing about our collection is that it is not restricted to any specific sport. Continue reading

Do you have kids who love tennis or are you a tennis coach who train his or her students? If yes, you must be also looking for free tennis certificate templates.

These free certificate templates can be used not only to boost their confidence level but to appreciate their sincere efforts to learn the craft of the game also. Since it will be time-consuming to design such certificates by using any computer software and getting the work done from a skilled professional can prove expensive, we are presenting a collection of free tennis award certificate templates for you. Continue reading

It is vital to give reorganization to athletes to boost their moral. People organizing tournaments and those who run sports clubs are well aware of the significance of such reorganization. It is not necessary always to give expensive trophies because certificates also serve the same purpose. So, if you run a sports academy, a sports club or you organize a tournament, you can award the achievers or every participant. For the same, you need certificate templates and here, we are offering a sweet collection of free printable volleyball certificate templates that you can download for free! Continue reading

Invented in the United States of India, basketball is now an immensely popular game played worldwide. It is not only played at city parks and dusty plains but also in an indoor environment in many places. If you are running a Sports club where people came and learn the team sport, it is best to have our free printable basketball certificate templates to encourage the participants. Continue reading