This article provides collection of professional doctors notes for work. Each doctors note for work is designed to satisfy need of a patient to return to work or school with this note.

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Datsun launched a sensible car recently in the entry segment aiming to capture major market share in India after their first two cars (Go & Go plus). Apart from the name Go, Readygo doesn’t share anything on the model. It has built over whole new platform called CMF. The car is aggressively targeted at urban commuters. Continue reading

I recently enjoyed a perfect vacation with my family. After a long debate, we zeroed down to a trip to Munnar to celebrate our summer vacation. Continue reading

All your adult life has only close to 26000 mornings (Give or take a few :)). It is not how many mornings we have to wake up to which counts to your life. But it is how many mornings that you are able to convert to gold mornings which adds productivity, happiness and abundance to your life.

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Are you one of those guys who can’t live without internet? Then you should know what is going to change after 24th April. TRAI has released a consultation paper to essentially kill what we call #NetNeutrality in India. Why should you ever be bothered about it? Here are 4 freaking ways how it will affect you: Continue reading

Here is an inspiring story for Demplates readers.  The story talks about how I had to struggle and start over through a new life. If you are thinking of bringing radical change to your life, this story might be of some help to show that it is never too late to start over. Continue reading


Digital India Vision is an ambitious project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With an allocated budged over 1 Lakh crore, the project is aimed to bridge the gap between government services and citizens through digital transformation. Continue reading

Positive Thinking Sign Shows Optimism Or Belief Downloaded with personal credit

Today I am sitting here and writing about a memorable incident of my life. I can’t forget that day and that person due to which I am able to write this as my life experience. During my school days, I was very ambitious, enthusiastic and talented. I always tried to be at the top. For me, the sky was the limit especially in sports. I was in my teens and used to participate in college activities. My mentors were also very supportive. May be due to my talent or my activeness, but I usually was among the favorites of my mentors. Continue reading

It is my birthday. As usual, I was longing for a call from Singapore. Not that it is important because it is coming from abroad; it is important because it is coming from my friend Ram. Continue reading