All your adult life has only close to 26000 mornings (Give or take a few :)). It is not how many mornings we have to wake up to which counts to your life. But it is how many mornings that you are able to convert to gold mornings which adds productivity, happiness and abundance to your life.

Here are some 10 quick steps which can do wonders for getting the most out of your golden mornings.

1. Use the previous nights to plan your mornings

Though it sounds so simple to do for a routine. It has proved to be more efficient for working individuals to plan the next day in advance. When you do this right, you can accomplish more in a day just by spending 10 minutes befor your sleep.

2. Keep the gadgets away

Nothing is going to change drastically. Put away with all gadgets atleast for couple of hours in the morning once you wake up. You can check emails all day long and see the facebook notifications little later. Enjoy the morning peace – give yourself some time to realize how peaceful you are in the morning.

3. Execercise a bit

I know! I Know! it is not the first time you are hearing. Sweating a little would help you oxigenate your organs effectively in the morning. No, I am not suggesting you start hitting gym and start building muscles. Just do some stretching so your organs would wake up along with you. Let the blood fuel the internal organs. It will keep you fresh all day long. I have experienced it myself.

4. Have cold water (preferably with lemon)

It is a scientifically proven fact that having cold water with a pinch of lemon juice in the mornings can help your organs to wake up faster, inceases vitamin consumption, reduce hunger and cleanse your digestive system. Having plenty of water early in the morning can also help you to regulate your bowel movements. All it take only 2-3 minutes of your dedication to make this a routine.

5. Review goals for the day

Spend some 5 minutes to review what you plan to accomplish on the day and how you want to accomplish them. Break them into smaller goals so that you can recheck at night whether you have spent your day wisely.

6. Chat a little

Give time to your partners. Take some time out early in the morning before the kids wake up. Have meaningful conversations with your partner. Don’t hesitate to say you love him / her one more time. Yes, every morning – that reaffirms your partner of your love. It’s not how much time you spend with your partner matters; just that how you spend the time matters most. Make the most of your time.

7. Eat a healthy breakfast

By healthy, I didn’t mean cereals. Each protein and fibre rich breakfast. Never, ever skip breakfast. I can keep writing the benefits of having good breakfast. Just do it – it works wonders.

8. Brush up

Didn’t I forget something? Yes, brush your teeth with a good tooth paste and tooth brush which can provide you sparkling white teeth and keep your mouth fresh all day long. Checkout #Colgate360GoldMornings which can help convert your good mornings to gold mornings.

Note: This is a sponsoredĀ post forĀ Colgate India.