Handyman invoice templates are very much needed for companies and contractors who are providing repairs and maintenance services. This article provides a collection of handyman invoice templates practiced by professionals.

1. Printable handyman invoice

It is an elegant and simple invoice template with distinct handyman logo. The line items can be used to describe the services or to include materials used  while the final part can be used to state terms of payment for handiman invoice.

Printable Handyman Invoice


2. Handyman invoice template

The blue color based invoice template with strong handyman header image gives professional look to this template. The template captures pricing based on quantity while the final column captures the total cost of the services provided. This template can be best suited for corporations as it captures the sales rep name and relevant purchase order details.

Handyman Invoice Template

3. Handyman invoice sample

Green color based invoice sample with multi color coded center table gives eyecatching look for the template. The handyman logo on the right top corner adds to the professional look. Detailed tax breaks can be added to the invoice at the end of the center table which then can be used to calculate the total amount invoiced. Any terms and conditions for the invoice can be printed at the end of the page.

Handyman Invoice Sample

4. Handyman blank invoice templates

Blank invoice template is suitable if you are looking for print and use invoice templates. The below template can be printed in any blank paper or in the company letter head and can be used for clients. Details in the empty boxes can either be entered manually or by printing it directly.

handyman blank invoice templates

5. Handyman invoice templates printable free

This template can be used to provide handyman business estimate. The estimate can be broken down to labor, materials and service charges. There is space provided to add special notes and description of service to be provided to the client.

Handyman Invoice Templates Printable Free


6. Handyman invoice template word

This handyman invoice template comes in word format. The invoice template can be used for both single event service and periodic recurrence services. Large space is provided to add description or notes of the service.

Handyman Invoice Template word


7. Handyman invoice excel (google docs)

This one is available through google docs; thus you can import the template and edit it online to produce desired result. The template can also be downloaded in spread sheet format and can be edited using open office or microsoft excel. The template has extensive fields to capture all relevant information including Payer’s address, name, company details, service description, unit price, total price along with labor pricing details.

Handyman Invoice Excel


8. Handyman invoice pdf

If you are looking for simple and printable handiman invoice pdf, this template is the best suited for you. Almost the template comes with blank fields providing the ability to user to add whatever the desired details inside these empty boxes. The invoice has provision to include both materials and labor cost for handyman services.

Handyman Invoice PDF


9. Virginia handyman invoice

An excel based invoice template capturing minute details of household / office repairs and maintenance suited for viriginia based handyman services.

Virginia Handyman Invoice


10. Handyman invoice forms

By listing your handyman service for free you can download all the handyman invoice forms free word templates from the below link.

Handyman Invoice forms


11. Handyman invoice app

It is an easy to use app if you need to produce recurring or periodic invoices for your services. Having features like note addition or comment addition makes the final output suitable for professionals. The 30 day free trial period comes with a promise of making any of your customized form to be converted as app friendly template. Give it a try, you won’t regret using it.


12. Handyman invoice software

The software comes with pre-built templates to produce quality handyman invoices. The templates can be opened in design mode to fill relevant fields and then can be saved in word or excel formats which can be used for printing your final formatted invoice for client.

Handyman Invoice Software

13. Handyman invoice .doc

Handyman invoice template can be used to request payment formally for any household repair works / maintenance jobs or for any installation jobs. Describe the services offered in the below invoice template along with business contact information to make it a professional invoice.

Handyman Invoice .doc


14. Handyman invoices free

The zip file provides easy to download invoices which can be modified using appropriate field with your business releated information or your client’s business information. Add an unique invoice number and complete the name of the cheque payable person to print for commercial use.

Handyman Invoices Free


The collection of handyman invoice templates provided here can be used by professionals and contractors alike in any industry. Feel free to comment if you are looking for any different formats than the ones listed above.