3rd Birthday Invitation Wording

Hey readers, here is a collection of stunning 3rd Birthday Invitation Wording templates. Each birthday invitation template is designed with your need in mind. Go ahead and enjoy these templates. Download them and use them for your kids birthdays. 

1. 3rd Birthday Invitation Wording for your son

We all wish to make our child’s birthday so special so that the memory of the birthday never fades. If you are looking for a template for the 3rd birthday of your baby son then yes we can give you what you exactly want. The template shown in the above picture is unique and an attractive template which can be used exquisitely in this occasion. You can edit the text given and make it more personalized with your thoughts and feelings about your baby boy. It’s a simple printed birthday template and the background in the template is simple but yet so elegant with the excellent use of gray color which makes it more classy look. Surely your guests will like this invitation of the birthday party of your baby and your birthday celebrations will be a grand celebration. Generally we need to compromise with the template which can be used anywhere and need to put so much effort to make it what you want. But this template is made especially for the third birthday of your son so why to compromise with others? This template will be very convenient for the guests as we can easily understand that it is made for the 3rd birthday of your baby son. The childish look of this template looks perfect to denote the birthday of a child of three year. So go and start preparing for the birthday party and make your guest feel good by giving them this template specially designed for the 3rd  birthday party of your son.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 1

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2. Eye Catchy 3rd Birthday Invitation Templates

Your search for some superb and eye candy birthday pamphlets just ends with this stylish yet simple looking pamphlets. Now the party invitation for your little puppet and princess becomes so easy by using this customized pamphlets which are available with some catchy colors.

These pamphlets come in different sizes and shapes as per your need and can be printed in any font you wish to be made. You also have the privilege to change the layout and order and you will get your desired thing in no time. Further talking about the material, it needs to be done to suit all the weather so that your valuable invitation didn’t get wash away. These affordable pamphlets come in varieties of design and color which suits you and perfectly personifies your child’s mood and choice. The spacious writing space is given for addressing every details and important information about the venue and timing of the party.

The best thing about this pamphlet is that it comes with a birthday cake’s photograph in the center. But you do here have an option that you can customize the given photo. You can give either your daughter’s cute photograph or some of her favorite cartoon characters.

Overall its up to you how you wish to present the templates to others so that your loved one’s birthday remains special and a memorable one. You also have to keep in mind that it’s your little puppet that will be the happiest one after watching this beautiful template for her birthday.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 2

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3. Best 3rd Birthday Invitation Wording for your child

This is a very interesting and eye catching template made for the celebration of your kid’s birthday. This template has a wide colorful numbers of balloon made in it and lots of musical themes, signs etc. This whole pictorial scenario brings to your mind a feeling of music, dance celebration, fun and excitement of party which is going to captivate the attention. You always try your level best to make your child’s birthday a special occasion and adding up this template to the celebration will definitely fulfill this desire. So just don’t think over it and incorporate this 3rd Birthday Invitation Wording in the upcoming celebration of your child’s growing old ceremony.

With this already made designs, you can yourself make the effort of adding up few things about your baby, mention about the theme of the party, informing the guests about the location, time and date of the party. These things will bring in a personal touch to the card. This can make you feel better as it will cater everything you have wanted to do. So, if your son or daughter is turning a year older you should opt for this template idea and use it in that and you will be left with the appreciation from all the guests as well as will leave a memorable impact on everyone. This beautiful template is a must accessory for adding up charm in your lovely occasion since without this something will go missing and you will surely don’t want it to happen.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 3

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4. 3rd Birthday Party Template

Here comes a mind blowing and eye captivating template that no one will want to lose while planning to celebrate their child’s birthday. Since, it’s a very special occasion for you, so you must want to make everything go perfect and crisp. In that case, the templates will surely going to meet all of your need. This template has got an amazing picture of a birthday cake: this chocolate birthday cake with lots of cream dripping off from the cake, nuts, strawberries, pistachios etc. It has always been known that cakes always grab a child’s attention and it will be sure shot successful in doing so. So without thinking much over it, you can surely use this template in your child’s birthday celebration making it a more special and cherish able day for your son or daughter giving him/her a extra-ordinary feeling on this blissful day.

Apart from the 3rd birthday invitation wording in this card, you can add up a lot of things into the card since a lot of space is provided which gives you a chance of customizing it in your own way bringing in an unique touch. Other than all these things, mentioning about the dress code, party them, venue, date, timing of the party can be done on it. Yes this is the ultimate thing that you can and should add in your whole celebration process that will surely leave a memorable impact on everyone’s heart and mind.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 4

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5. Funky 3rd Birthday Template

The template showing in this picture is specifically designed for the third birthday of your son. The clown in this picture who is picking the birthday posters attracts the children most. When we talk about third birthday party, it needs to be funkier as the children of three year old needs to get more attention and to make them happy we need to make funky designs which can attract the children. Every child loves to be treated in a special manner. Birthdays account for the best possible ways to help the kid realize his or her dream of a special day in their life. The card has 3rd birthday invitation wording written within them to catch the attention of the children and also gives a general idea to the parents about the party. The venue and the timings along with other relevant details have been mentioned prominently in the card. As the occasion is that of a child’s birthday, it needs to be kept in the mind that the person is all set to make it appealing and fun, and the party promises to be fun for the children.

If the person wants to make any further inclusion regarding other details, then spaces are available in the card where the person may write easily. So if the occasion is your child’s third birthday then we will be certainly recommending you to accept this 3rd birthday invitation wording as your invitation card as it will provide all details and also provide for an eye catching invitation card.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 5


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6. Party Time Birthday Template

The third birthday is special for your child as well as for the parents too. In this picture, the colors are very vibrant to seek the attention of the children of three year to five year old. The theme birthday party totally suits the template and it is specially designed for the three year old girl’s birthday. the pink color relates to the girl so for this birthday party, it is suitable. . We all have an idea of how much special and important the occasion is for you and your kid and the template has been designed, especially keeping that in mind. The color contrast that consists of radiant and vibrant colors is an eye catching feature that is surely going to grab the attention of the people that will be watching it. We also need to see to the fact that it is also attractive to the children, after all the party is specially made for them. The use of 3rd birthday invitation wording and a simple font is worth the credit as it makes the card fit for the occasion So if you are on the lookout for the cards and templates that will fit in perfectly to the standards of the party, then we believe that you should consider this template as it is classy and attractive at the same time, thus making your impression to stand out among the crowd and your child.

An attractive card will depict the chances for a lovely birthday party and thus will be successful in grabbing the attention of all the people that are around. In total if your child is about to turn three and if you are on the lookout for a birthday card then we have the best available option for you.

 3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 6


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7. Elegant Birthday Template

The 3rd birthday invitation wording shown in this picture is designed for the birthday party of a child who is turning three this year. This is specially designed for the 3rd birthday of a child. it can be for anyone whether it is baby boy or baby girl. The elegant design with the white class background makes it splendid. The two gift box here which is of blue color is making it classier. Ample space is provided for printing the important details such as the exact address for the birthday party venue. Some of the fun events and activities to be held at the party can also be mentioned on the invite. You can make this party a memorable and fun thing by selecting the above template. We have used simple 3rd birthday invitation wording on the template card to reflect the child’s simplicity. We leave enough space for you to add the invitation date and venue. Add the time and you are all set to call for a party. This dazzling birthday template here could serve as the best invitation card for your child’s birthday. Now make your kid’s birthday special with this beautiful birthday template and make your child the spotlight of the party. We value your sentiments and comply with the significance of your child’s important day. We keep in mind your requirements and have varied range of assortments to meet your needs. Our birthday templates have varied range of colors and themes that incarcerate the attention of your guests. Each and every template is exclusive only for you.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 7


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8. A Creative Birthday Template

The template shown in this picture is made for the third birthday of the child. The white background with the gifts, balloons making it looks like a birthday theme. The combination of ink and white color with a wide range of colors in balloons and gifts is looking elegant. It is specifically designed for the 3rd birthday of your child. You do not need to make compromise for the 3rd birthday template of your child. Choose from our wide range of 3rd birthday invitation wording to invite over your guests to a dashing birthday party. This great birthday template is just the step one of arranging a wonderful bash. A card should be conspicuous and enthralling.

Such is the case here for this template, the perfect birthday card for your 3 years old kid. The colorful balloons do give them an expectation of thrill and fun at the party. We leave spaces to add the party venue, date and time. Fill them up with  3rd birthday invitation wording and you are set for an awesome birthday celebration. Nothing could be better than this card for this lovely occasion. This card exactly gives you what you are searching for. The colorful yet elegant card is the best choice anyone can make. This lovely card is specially designed for the lovely occasion of your child.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 8

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9. Exquisite 3rd birthday invitation wording

Are you planning for a birthday party? Everything in a birthday party has to be perfect and flawless- be it the birthday cake or the decoration and lighting for the party. When you scrutinize every segment of such arrangements, one thing you cannot overlook is the invitation card. Birthday templates have been a contemporary way of inviting guests to your party, especially when the birthday is of your lovely 3 year old son or daughter. It definitely calls for a special treatment when it comes to our kids. We totally understand and value your outlook and that is why we have different and unique birthday templates for you to select from. We design different 3rd birthday invitation wording for every child keeping their choices and psychology in mind. As you can see our color combinations are beguiling and text fonts used are bold and big, just perfect for a 3 year olds birthday card. The night sky color suggests a night long party to the invitees. The navy blue sky and twinkling stars at the background is very captivating and dazzling. We are sure this brilliant and elegant card will create some impressive impact on your guests.

Not just the design, the template has some impressive thought attached to it. The 3rd birthday invitation wording reveal the blissful mood of the host.

The template is just short of the date, time and venue. Mention them and this could be the right card for your child’s birthday.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 9


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10. 3rd Birthday Template for your Party

This simple yet sophisticated birthday template could be the best for your kid’s upcoming birthday. Choose from our wide range of birthday cards to invite over your guests to a dashing birthday party. This great 3rd birthday invitation wording is just the step one of arranging a wonderful bash. A card should be conspicuous and enthralling.

Such is the case here for this template, the perfect birthday card for your 3 years old kid. The plain cream white color background is soothing and attractive to the viewers’ eye. It reflects the jovial mood of the host to call for a party. Nothing conveys the ingenuousness of a child better than a light color, especially cream white; as in this case. The cartoon character at the center of the template is as charming as your youngster is. The smile of the cartoon will be reflected in your kid’s eyes; as they can link themselves with the character. Children are very delicate and emotional; we understand their outlook and design exclusive cards for each child. We design 3rd birthday invitation wording as per your requirements, each one being unique and amazing. It is for sure that a lion’s share of the invitees would be toddlers and a card like this is just perfect to curb their attention. The colorful balloons do give them an expectation of thrill and fun at the party. We leave spaces to add the party venue, date and time. Fill them up and you are set for an awesome birthday celebration.

3rd Birthday Invitation Templates- 10

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Hope you enjoyed the templates and all the 3rd birthday invitation wording provided with the templates. Leave us your comments or if you need any other special templates to be added to this list.