4 Freaking ways how your life is going to change after 24th April


Are you one of those guys who can’t live without internet? Then you should know what is going to change after 24th April. TRAI has released a consultation paper to essentially kill what we call #NetNeutrality in India. Why should you ever be bothered about it? Here are 4 freaking ways how it will affect you:

1. Pay to access every single website / app

With open internet, it is up to the consumer (me & you) to access anything that we desire. TRAI proposed to exterminate the equal access to apps and websites by allowing telecom companies to charge the customers to access specific websites / apps. That would mean, you have to separately pay for facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, etc. in addition to your regular data pack. Here is a simple showcase of how your monthly spend would look like if this is allowed.


2. Pay to access it faster

If TRAI’s proposal becomes live, you might have to pay ‘extra’ to access your favourite websites or apps (Oops!!!). Telecom companies may provide higher bandwidth to sponsored websites while slowing down the speed for rest of the sites. How would you like to access Youtube at 16kbps and Flipkart at 4mbps? You want higher speed for Youtube just pay extra – that’s it! Real simple solution 🙂

3. Loose freedom to choose what you want to do in internet

Assuming you want to buy a pair of shoes online using your Airtel network. If Flipkart is the only one which has tie up with Airtel, you may be forced to access Flipkart while Airtel may decide to slow down rest of the online shopping websites or they can simply charge extra for you to access them. Aren’t you thinking that Flipkart may charge you whatever they feel like? Yes, absolutely. Isn’t India against monopolistic market? You should TRAI about it.

4. No more Internet Business Dream

Are you one of the budding entrepreneurs with a million dollar idea? Here is good news. You are no more allowed to just launch anything you want in internet for free. You should have deep pockets to get a share of internet or your customers should love so much that they will pay to access your website. What does that mean? Small companies can no longer compete with big boys just with ‘innovation’ – they also need additional component ‘money’. In other words, we are just killing entrepreneurism in India just while our respected PM is propagating #MakeInIndia & #DigitalIndiaVision.

Now that you have 4 clear reasons to fight this bill, what you can do to stop TRAI doing this injustice to us.

Step 1 : Go here – Send a mail to TRAI – Share your voice to save the internet.

Step 2: Share this post – Raise awareness.

Step 3: Watch this video for more clarity.

We support savetheinternet.in and netneutrality.in for their initiative to drive this change.

#savetheinternet #NetNeutrality


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