6th Birthday Invitation Templates

Special 6th birthday invitation templates designed perfectly for making your loved ones’ birthday a special one.

1. Bowling Theme Birthday Template

If there is an occasion for a sixth birthday party and you want to make the day very special for your kid, we recommend you to have a look at this template that has been specially designed for a six year old kid’s birthday party. We all have an idea of how much special and important the occasion is for you and your kid and the template has been designed, especially keeping that in mind. The color contrast that consists of radiant and vibrant colors is an eye catching feature that is surely going to grab the attention of the people that will be watching it.

The card happens to be a really crafted one with lovely graphics that are worthwhile for any person to see. The writings on the card are simple and perfectly soothing to the eye so that the person is able to get a clear idea of everything that is mentioned within. The venue and timings have been clearly mentioned and spaces have been left out so that inclusions can be made if needed to. In all if the occasion is about a birthday party for your kid that is about to turn 6, then this will certainly be one of the best options available to you so that you can make a strong impression for both your child and for yourself. Get a hold of this lovely card and give your child a wonderful and a grand memory that will be with him or her forever.

6th Birthday Invitation Templates- 1


2. Girl’s 6th Birthday Template

This template is a clear depiction of a child’s birthday where his friends will be present. We all know that the best way to celebrate any auspicious occasion is to have a blast with your friends, and certainly for your child it needs to be not any exception. The background color has been kept white so that each and every detail is perfectly visible to the person. The depiction of the two animated characters is to portray friends and friendship. The gift items seem to add up a lovely soothing effect to the whole artwork and thus it is able to make it more and more attractive. The combination of colors have been used to a brilliant level and the spaces have been provided within the card so that the person is able to add up more details as par his own needs.

This card could turn out to be one of the best depictions for your child so that he or she has a memorable birthday party at the end of the day. As parents we always want to shower our children with the best of moments so that they are able to enjoy themselves and this card certainly seems to give the impression that it will be one awesome birthday bash. So if the occasion is the sixth birthday of your child, then we believe that this will certainly be the best template that is available for you. Give this a go and have an awesome birthday bash.

6th Birthday Invitation Templates- 2


3. 6th Birthday Invitation template

The template that you can see here is a really simple one and at the same time is also very elegant for your kid’s birthday party. The color that has been used is very bright which seems to resemble the bright and colorful occasion that is coming up. The framing has been done in a simple and an elegant manner so that the card stays simple and at the same time also has an appeal to it so that it gets the attention of the people around. The writings have been done using elegant fonts and the color that is imbibed to them seems to make it more attractive. The card comes along with nice phrases and has all the necessary details that need to be mentioned for the party. In case any inclusions have to be made, the person can add details in the spaces that have been provided here.

We are sure of the fact that the person would want to make the best choices for their child and especially if it a birthday. Birthday card are known to set standards for the party that is going to take place. An attractive card will depict the chances for a lovely birthday party and thus will be successful in grabbing the attention of all the people that are around. In total if your child is about to turn six and if you are on the lookout for a birthday card then we have the best available option for you.

6th Birthday Invitation Templates- 3


4. Jungle theme Birthday Template

When it comes to a birthday party we all are inclined on keeping the matter simple and elegant at the same time. This card in all of its prospects seems to be able to get in the details that are needed to be present. The card has a very simple color outline to it and at the same time also allows the person to get a detail of the occasion. The place and the timings have been mentioned clearly and seem to be perfectly visible to the eye. The color of the text has been brilliantly set up so that all the relevant information is clearly visible to the person. The color in general here is green and is also very eye -catching at the same time. The occasion is meant for the children and so the contrast of the colors has been set keeping it in mind. We also need to see to the fact that it is also attractive to the children, after all the party is specially made for them. The use of cheesy words and a simple font is worth the credit as it makes the card fit for the occasion.

So if you are on the lookout for the cards and templates that will fit in perfectly to the standards of the party, then we believe that you should consider this template as it is classy and attractive at the same time, thus making your impression to stand out amongst the crowd and your child.

6th Birthday Invitation Templates- 4


5. Little princess Birthday Invitation

Do you want to make the occasion for your prince or your princess really memorable? Then what will be a better idea than an awesome birthday party where he or she will be able to enjoy a lot with his or her friends. At the age of six, party with friends, awesome gifts, some nice music and loads of fun is what every kid aspires for. We also understand that as parent you would want to get the best for your child, and for that we are here to show you a template that is simply meant for the occasion. In all we are very conservative on looks and the card seems to pull of decent looks. The white background that has been accompanied with a set of colorful allocations is a perfect setting that will surely grab the attention of a lot of people around. The simplicity of the template is its prime feature. The occasion is meant for children and the outlook of the card has been kept keeping this very fact in mind. The spaces that have been provided are to make any left out detail inclusion so that the person is always well informed.

The details of the venue, the date and time have been mentioned for the convenience of the readers and further inclusions can be made by the person in the gaps that have been provided. This card in itself is special and seems to be the best option for the upcoming birthday party.

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