Afterlife In Christianity PowerPoint Template

The religion, inclusive of its denominations, believes that afterlife exists and is divided into heaven and hell.

Afterlife In Christianity PowerPoint Template1

Afterlife In Christianity PowerPoint Template2

Heaven is reserved for those who have led a life of sanctity and devotion to God, and are free of suffering and pain. Hell is for those who have majorly sinned in the eyes of God, and suffer punishment and torture at the hands of Lucifer or Satan, the archangel of evil. This Afterlife In Christianity PowerPoint Template has a picture of Jesus in a dark silhouette, with a faded orange background after his crucifixion and with an ominous undertone. This free Christian PowerPoint template can be used by churches while giving lectures or sermons on sins, and can be highlighted with verses from the Bible talking about afterlife, such as James 3:6 and Mark 9:43. Children, especially pre-teens and teenagers can be shown a presentation with pictures to depict the seriousness and soundness of the religious and moral topic in order to not stray away.

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