Alphabets PowerPoint Template


The template is meant as an introduction to English alphabet system, which is derived from the Latin system and has 26 lowercase and 26 uppercase letters.

Sample-Powerpoint-Template 505 a

Sample-Powerpoint-Template 505

Learning the alphabets is prerequisite to learning English itself, for speaking, reading and writing the language. Children are taught the alphabets at preschools in the age category of 2 to 3 years old, when their mind is developed enough to grasp and store information. Alphabets are taught using traditional phonetic and phonemic methods through enunciation and pronunciation, as well as through the technological games and activities for young learners with auditory, kin-aesthetic and visual aids. Some examples of such games include pictorial flash cards, alphabet jars, association of each letter with an object, etc. This free kindergarten PowerPoint template has the design of ABC, the three beginning alphabets in uppercase and in different colors, and the inner slides have a dark blue background for ease of visualisation of text. The PowerPoint can be used by online gaming sites and DIY websites for young children, with the instructions and an accompanying picture in the slideshow. The alphabets template can also be used in playschool classrooms by teachers, with pictures of corresponding subjects and objects near the letter within the PowerPoint.

You can do free Kindergarten PowerPoint template download from below location:

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