The human heart is the body’s blood pump for the circulatory system, and provides the pumped blood rich in oxygen and other nutrients all over the body through its blood vessels.



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The heart weighs between the range of 250 to 350 grams, and is located in between the lungs at the centre of the body. The anatomy of the heart is a complex one, with blood vessels and four chambers- the left and right atria, and the left and right ventricles. The free cardiology PowerPoint template has a blue and red drawing of the heart’s anatomy against a faded white background. The template can be downloaded for art classes in advanced level, with a video clip demonstrating how to draw the anatomy’s tougher parts by the instructor along with tips in the slides. It can also be used in medical school and college classes, with a video clip demonstration and small hacks to make sketching easier. Art and sketching schools can upload the same presentation on their websites, with their watermarks in each slide for authenticity.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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