Angels And Austerity PowerPoint Template


Christianity is not limited to the presence of Jesus Christ alone, and is also known for the angels and saints who spread across the good message of the religion.

Angels And Austerity PowerPoint Template1

Angels And Austerity PowerPoint Template2

These angels represent the good nature, and are depicted traditionally as human-like figures with wings that are the spiritual guardian beings which look over humanity and shower them with blessings of goodwill. This Angels And Austerity PowerPoint Template has the background of a cherubic looking baby angel, playing with a lyre and dancing upon a cloud to represent the gentle and loving natures that angels are believed to have. This free Christian PowerPoint template can be used during dramas, skits or plays at schools and colleges on important events in the history of Christianity such as the birth of Jesus in the manger, with the images of various angels in the background. It can also be embedded with audio clips of gentle music from instruments like guitars, lyres, etc to add to the effect. The template can also be downloaded and used during services and sermons in churches while playing traditional hymns like Hallelujah, and during festivals like Michaelmas and Feast of the Guardian Angels.

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