Law is the set of rules and regulations that set order and discipline and bestow rights upon society, citizens and governments to establish a sense of co-dependence for governance.



There are several fields of law and its study, and some include civil law, common law, tax law, criminal law, computer law, consumer law, property law, financial law, etc. These areas of study ensure that the various aspects of societies and corporations have a set of rules to follow, and no crime is committed pertaining to theft or demarcating boundaries as set by law. This free law PowerPoint template has the blindfolded Lady Justice holding her balancing scales aloft, signifying that the law is omnipresent and that objectivity should be practiced by all areas of law. The PowerPoint can be used by law schools on their websites to present the various categories of law they offer for study with the link to download the prospectus in the slides. Legal practitioners for the areas of law can use the template for the websites of their firms and the services they offer their clients.

You can do free Legal PowerPoint template download from below location:

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