Origin of Halloween is very ancient. During the 8th century 1st, November was dedicated to all saints and martyrs who wore costumes to get rid of ghosts. The eve of 1st November is celebrated as Halloween’s day. 31st October is Hallow-eve day. In Western countries, irrespective of the age people dress up as ghosts. They have a lot of fun among themselves. There are a lot of scary costumes they wear to celebrate this day.

Celebration combined with gifts is adding more happiness. Hence we have designed various Halloween costume certificate templates for you. These certificates are available in ready to use format. Feel free to customize per your need. You may print details or write using your own handwriting to make it more interesting. Continue reading

Carpet installation is a growing business. Today all organizations are looking for providing their employees a professional work environment. Carpet floors give a dashing look to the office. Even carpet installation is becoming popular at homes these days. Get going with your carpet installation business and use our carpet installation invoice templates to bill your customers. Continue reading

Are you an individual or a company looking for providing carpet cleaning services? Do not worry about the Invoice. Even if you already own carpet cleaning service and want to standardize your invoice. You can make use of the carpet cleaning invoice templates / samples available with us. Select the one you want from the options available with us. Continue reading

The employee of the month certificates: Certificate issued for the employee of the month is made up of different patterns. Elegant font, ornate or blue chain border are the few standard formats. In general, the template is ready to use document. Details like the name of the employee, company name, accomplishment details, month, and year will be filled.

Tailor your own award certificates. Instead of a usually designed certificate, adding fun elements in the regular employee of the month certificate is okay to poke fun, provided fun does not hurt anyone’s feelings. The person who is identified as the employee of the month may also have additional qualities which can be highlighted that adds some fun and life to the award. Continue reading

Softball an alternative of baseball. It is played using a bigger ball on a smaller field. Softball awards or certificates are given to players as a token of appreciation for their extraordinary commitment and devotion to the game.

In this article let us take a brief look at the Softball Awards Certificates ideas, Softball Award titles, Components of Softball Achievement Certificates, and How to add more humor to the award? Continue reading

Appreciating a pastor is a gesture to show gratitude to him for all his care and concern for the community well-being. While everyone prefers to be with the family on Sunday but a pastor spends his full day with you to give you counseling and provide all support to keep you in good spirit. Does he not deserve an appreciation?

Sometimes, you must have felt a desire to appreciate your pastor for the services to the church and for the same you can gift him poems, certificates as well as cards. So, if you are looking for certificates, here we have presented a stunning collection of pastor appreciation certificate templates which you can download as per your need or can use as an inspiration to create your very own certificate for your pastor. So, let us have a look at the certificates. Continue reading

If you are looking for printable hockey certificate templates, you have come to the right place.  We are presenting here a collection of awesome hockey certificates that you can use to award outstanding hockey players of your local club, school or college by simply downloading the same from our website. Please have a look and select the one that best suits your purpose. Continue reading

Certificate of Appreciation Templates : Appreciation lifts our mood. It motivates to do better. It is also a good practice to appreciate others when they have done something nice for you. Sometimes, this is because of offering emotional or financial support during tougher times or making an event successful by genuine efforts. In a workplace, the boss or supervisor appreciates his employees or team members. He bestows appreciation when they surpass his expectations or meet the strict deadlines at work. Be it a certificate or a letter of appreciation, such a thing always boost our morale to do more hard work and make us feel valued by others. Since creating a certificate of appreciation or a letter may demand a professional help, we are presenting for you a collection of templates of the same. However, it is better to know first that why appreciation matters a lot. Continue reading

SWOT analysis template in word is an integral part of strategic analysis and planning in any organization, be it a business or a school organization. We are providing here 40 stunning free SWOT analysis template in word for your use. You can use these templates in any of your projects to showcase the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your organization. The first 20 templates are custom made by Demplates for your use and the rest of them are collected from wide variety of sources present over the web. Enjoy the stunning templates and don’t forget to link back to this page.

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Creating birthday invitation cards can be a herculean one, especially if the guest list is quite long. However, now you can very well choose from a range of birthday invitation templates that are available for free over the web and can be downloaded. These templates can be customized as per the desire and text can be added or edited easily. Let’s have a look at 50 such stunning free birthday invitation templates that you are sure going to love. Continue reading

If you are looking to organize a chess championship in your school, college or community, you will surely felt the need of some certificates and awards to present to the winners or the outstanding performers. Since, we know that designing certificates is not a mean task if you are not a trained graphic designer, we are presenting here a collection of free chess certificates of various color schemes and types that you can download from our site for free. Continue reading

Your little boy or girl is turning 7, it’s an important day in her life, make it special using this beautiful and elegant birthday invitation template. Birthday is not a mere date of birth for your child; it’s the most awaited day for the kid throughout the year. A special day of mirth and merry-making; which you would like to share with everyone. It makes use of lighter shades of pink, blue and yellow in the background which makes it colorful yet not loud or over the top. This might just be what you are looking for. We value your sentiments and comply with the significance of your child’s important day. We keep in mind your requirements and have a varied range of assortments to meet your needs. Our free 7th birthday templates have a varied range of colors and themes that incarcerate the attention of your guests. Each and every template is exclusive only for you. Continue reading