16 Impressive Back to School Flyers in PSD, Word & PPT templates


Are you looking for free printable back to school flyer templates ? Here we are presenting a compilation of 16 impressive back to school flyers in PSD, Word & PPT templates.

When schools are about to open, parents indulge in a shopping spree for their school going kids. Naturally, many shopkeepers distribute back to school flyers to promote their shop selling essential school items like pen, pencil, crayons, paper pad and so on. There are also NGOs who distribute such flyers to ask for donations of these school items so that those who cannot afford the same can attend school.

Back To School Flyer Template PSD

The flyer has a bright yellow background and has a school bus on a road. The text in multiple contrasting colors like yellow on black and white text boxes made this flyer an endearing one. There is adequate writing space on a white text box on the left where you can add your text to customize the same effortlessly.



Back To School Flyer PSD Free

If you need an elegant flyer, pick up the one below with a dominant circular shape bordered with school buses and a graduation cap on a white background. Within the circle, you can add your text quickly in brown or any other choicest color. The rest of the flyer is in magenta and text in white that builds a nice contrast.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 2


Back To School Bash Flyer Template Free

The template has a bright yellow background and is thus, sure to catch the attention of your target audience. It also features an image of a school bus, road and earth with a large thinking cloud image in which there is ample space to add a desirable text.  The template has its fonts in black and bright red.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 3


Editable Back To School Flyer PSD

A back to school flyer without an image of a school going kid often looks incomplete, and this flyer template fills that void completely. The template features an illustration of a kid with his bag on a white background and a small red triangle at the right-bottom corner. The rest of the template is in yellow with text in black.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 4


Back To School Flyer PSD Free Download

Plenty of school buses adore the flyer like little pieces of jewels in yellow while the rest of the flyer has text space. There is, of course, a prominent header in light –red with white text at the top and a narrow footer in red at the bottom.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 5


Back To School Supplies Drive Flyer

A school is synonymous with books and blackboard. The flyer being a back to school flyer also rightly features a green chalkboard in the center with venue details in black and white. Rest of the flyer is dotted with books, alphabets, colors, brushes and other learning materials.



Back To School Flyer Template Word

The two vertical border strips in the two sides and an image of a big school with slanting roof makes this an appropriate choice for a back to school flyer. It also has a dash of light green and has its text in blue on a pristine white background.

Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 7


Back To School Event Flyer Template

The flyer comprised of multiple comment boxes of various sizes on an ocean-green background. There is also an image of a yellow pencil on the top -right and an image of a bunch of pencil colors on the right-bottom of the flyer.

Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 8


Back To School Night Flyer Template

The flyer resembled a school blackboard and had a fascinating design with plenty of graphics in contrasting white, sky blue and pink. There is also a small green pencil popping out in the left and the bottom -right corner.



Back To School Picnic Flyer Ideas

The purple colored flyer has an excellent design with a school bus full of kids and a white background to add desirable text. There is also a decorated borer in brown in all the four sides of the flyer, and this makes this flyer an adorable one.

Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 10


Back To School Party Flyer Template Free Download – PPT

The flyer in black has a lovely image of a cute boy sitting on a desk. There is also a dedicated blue space for text and below the same, a small circle in green for venue details. The header is in white on a black background to add to the element of contrast.



Back To School Supplies Giveaway Flyer

With a funny illustration of a boy sitting on a flying pencil at the top and loads of pencil colors in the bottom, the flyer is sure to catch the attention of all. The header is in attractive blue and rest of the text in black on a light background. There is also a little text at the bottom on the image of colored pencils, and you can quickly change the cont color of the text to make it more easily visible or readable.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 12


Free Back To School Event Flyer Template

The flyer has a white background with small sized grids and plenty of colorful images of varied sizes like scissors, alphabets, globe, pencils, color box, magenta with brushes and many more things. In the center, there is magenta with white text. Rest of the flyer has text in black in small font size.



Back To School Night Flyer High School

The red and white combination is always an awesome one. The flyer here has the same combination, and the added excitement is the presence of red banner at the top of which there is a scroll of black colored paper with white text. There is also text below the banner in a black colored font. Overall, the flyer appears extremely eye-catching.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 14


Back To School Drive Flyer Template

The brown colored flyer template is quite an impressive one and funny too! This is because of an illustration of a jolly boy holding a pencil and wearing a t-shirt on which venue details are written. There is also a big blackboard to the left, one graduation cap, a couple of books and a large white cloud-like shape. The text is written either in black or white.



Back To School Open House Flyer

Blue is the uniform in most of the schools just a few years back and it is also the dominant color of the below template. The dark blue header with white text stands out the most in this awesome flyer. It also features a school bus in blue color and two school going kids.

 Back_To_School_Flyer_Template- 16


We hope that you will like our efforts to bring for you the most elegant back to school flyer templates so that you need to just customize the best one to fulfill your requirements. Please spare some time to express your views on our collection in the comment section below.


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