Ballet Accessories PowerPoint Template

This ballet presentation template can be used to showcase Ballet attires that are designed for the purpose of free movements suggestive of softness and airy grace.

Ballet Powerpoint Templates

Ballet Powerpoint Templates

During its conception in the fifteenth century, costumes were not as evolved as they are now. A ballet dancer’s professional wardrobe consists of a tutu, leg warmers and tights, leotards, ballet flats with lace-up ribbons called pointe shoes, etc. These are meant to make flexible movements easier to execute, and a ribbon is also used during ballet performances. The free ballet PowerPoint template has the image clip of a young ballerina attired in a leotard and tutu with pointe ballet flats and the prop of a ribbon, moving with grace against a pink background. The template can be used by e-commerce stores renting and/or selling ballet costumes and accessories/props, with the slideshow acting as a catalogue with price range and offers. Ballet schools can conduct a small informal session for training ballet dancers about the right kind of make-up and accessories to wear in theatre performances.

Download  Ballet Accessories Powerpoint Template using below link:

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