Ballet dancer diet Powerpoint Template

This free powerpoint template is intended to help Ballet dancers who have gained the unfortunate reputation of being associated with harboring eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in order to maintain lightweight figures for their performances.

Ballet Powerpoint Templates


Since ballet requires high energy levels, dancers’ follow a eat-to-live policy in their nutrition, and eat about 15 % of protein-dense food items like peanut butter and eggs, 60% of carbohydrates like nuts and 25% of good fats like avocado and dairy. This free ballet PowerPoint template has the picture of a male ballet dancer poised gracefully and pointing towards a heart, the whole theme set in a forest green background. The template can be used by dietitians and nutritionists of ballet troupes while meeting them in weekly sessions about their nutrition and calorific needs. Nutritionists can also visit schools where young children training for ballet are spoken to about the need to end high volume food for a good physique and good energy levels. Since young training teenagers are more prone to developing eating disorders, counsellors can present them a slideshow about how starving one is detrimental to their very ambition of becoming a professional ballerina.

Ballet dancers diet Powerpoint Template available here:

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