Ballet Types PowerPoint Template

Though ballet styles have differentiated features based on the age when they were practised, ballet types included difference in the intricacies of the scripts they followed.

Ballet Powerpoint Templates


There are two types of ballet- story ballets wherein the plotline is definitive with a beginning, action and plot conveyed through the dance and its movements and an ending; and plot-less ballets with no certain plot or stories, but enacting emotions through their movements, with focus on flourishing movements. Some famous story ballets include ‘The Nutcracker’ from the nineteenth century and even classical tales like ‘The Three Musketeers’, and George Balanchine was said to be a pioneer of plot-less ballets. The free ballet PowerPoint templates can be used during seminars or workshops on ballet as a medium of expression, and modern theatre and incorporation of ballet. Ballet schools can use the template for their theoretical training sessions, with running notes in the slides aided by pictorial demonstrations. Community ballet theatres can use the PowerPoint template on their website, with information about the ballet types with examples.

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