This template portrays about the African Americans in Baseball. The advent of baseball in the US was not without discrimination. Free-Powerpoint-Template 647

Free-Powerpoint-Template 647a

Blacks, Mexicans and Latin Americans were not allowed to play in the major and minor leagues already present in the US. By the 1880, this had led to the “colored” having their own professional clubs. After the American war of Independence there was a spate of such clubs and Philadelphia in the north became the centre of Black Baseball movement. Bud Fowler is the first know black to have played professional baseball in the 1878. Moses Walker and Welday Walker, two brothers were the first known blacks to have played major leagues in the year 1884. Integration of players – blacks in white dominated clubs and whites in the Negro league clubs started around the IInd world war and gained speed and by 1960s the discrimination had all but vanished. Jackie Robinson, a second baseman, and a six time all star selection is probably the most remembered black player for being the man who broke the color barrier in 1947. The free Baseball PowerPoint template is set in a baseball field and features the cartoon of an African American player in his baseball costume batting. The free template can be used in seminars and conference about the widespread of the sport in different countries. It can be used by students in projects and assignments. It can also be used by coaches in training and online websites can also use this template.

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