Also known as contraception, birth control aims at prevention of pregnancy and curbing the population of any area from burgeoning or increasing through planning ahead.



The implementation of birth control programmes are popular in third-world countries where education about population control is lacking. Birth control is implemented through medical oral pills, and devices for control of fertility such as condoms, diaphragms, vasectomy, etc. The free medical PowerPoint template has the picture of a small family of a man and a woman with one child set against a stark grey background, solemn in tone. The free template can be used widely for public awareness campaigns by social and medical NGOs at rural and urban areas, with screenings at theaters, and slideshows on their social media platforms and websites, with embedded video clips carrying their messages. It can be used at medical seminars for technology and inter-relation in developing such medical contraceptive inventions. It can be used by social workers while talking to those working as sex workers for education about prevention of pregnancy, and keeping medically safe. Counselors can also present a workshop for couples on birth control, with jargon and the types of contraceptive tools for prevention of complication of unwanted pregnancy.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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