Blood pressure PowerPoint Template


Blood pressure, also commonly referred to as BP, is the rate or measure of the force of blood pumped from the heart pushing against the walls of blood vessels.


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High BP, also known as hypertension is caused when the heart is forced to pump blood harder, leading to heart attacks, artery damage and heart failure amongst the various other critical conditions that ail the cardiac system. The free cardiology PowerPoint template features the design of a red heart with a high pulse rate, indicating high blood pressure. The template can be used during presentations at health seminars or expositions, where visiting doctors or experts can interact with the audience about the causes, symptoms and cure of the disease. Students in medical schools can download the PowerPoint template as a topic to present or submit as a part of their final thesis or doctorate work, and can also use it to present the same to fellow students. Medical websites can use the template for a slideshow presentation, with hyperlinks to relevant e-drugstores if needed and with small bytes from doctors on blood pressure.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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