Boss Day Certificate of Appreciation : 10+ Templates to Impress Your Boss


For a good boss and others, it is expedient to have a cordial relationship where mutual acceptance and appreciation are necessary as supporting pillars. Boss Day Certificates of Appreciation are very useful for nurturing a harmonious relationship.

Bosses may be good, bosses may not be so good and it may be at times a good idea to keep a safe distance from some bosses but they are ubiquitous who cannot be wished away. Throughout the year and not just on Boss Day, an employee interacts with his boss. He is remembered, discussed, and criticized every day.

Who is a good boss anyway? The answer lies in the quote:

The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self- restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Best boss award

Best Boss Award Certificate

When boss has got extraordinary qualities that endear him to almost the whole workforce and he is so gifted that impresses one and all, he is undoubtedly the’ best boss’ in their world. For such an outstanding person, the award certificate should not be economical in words.

Spontaneously, words that describe him like ‘benevolent’, ‘understanding’, ‘generous’, ‘scrupulously fair’, ‘a motivational powerhouse’ find usage. In addition, the certificate may read like this:

This is to certify that

……….. (Name of Boss)

Is certainly and undoubtedly the BEST BOSS

Such a powerful certificate can make any boss feel almost flattered.

Best boss award certificate

Boss Day Certificate of Appreciation

Every human being is unique, so also every boss. It would be very imaginative to present the boss with an appropriate Boss Day Certificate of Appreciation suiting his nature and qualities. For a Quiet Boss, a certificate with the words “Many thanks (Boss’s name) for your constant support” would do. However, for a Scholarly Boss, a certificate with the words “We are grateful to you (boss’s name) for your guidance and help” would stand out.

Similarly, for the boss who inspires, the certificate of appreciation could say “In Appreciation of (Boss’s name) for his hard work which inspires us”.

Best boss ever award certificate

Wordings For Boss Day Certificates

Everybody is eager to acknowledge the qualities of the boss during a boss’s day, but when it comes to express it is a Herculean task – what to write? One needs to devote some quiet moments to get the best and right words of appreciation for the boss. If he is just a mentor, the wordings are short and formal. But if he is friendly and he is adored by his employees, they can express their true feelings in a more elaborate way.

“You are a true leader and I am lucky to work in your team.” and “Thanks for your continuous support and guidance.” are just two examples of wording for a formal type of boss. “Working with you is a great pleasure and I am lucky to have you as my boss” and “Nice to work for a boss like you – the best I would ever have” can be used for a boss having a friendly relationship.

Boss's day blank certificate

Wordings For Best Boss Award Trophy

There are innumerable ways wordings for best boss award Trophy that can be used. By way of examples, following wordings are given.

“You are the best who encourage and support us in our pursuit of excellence. We will be ever thankful to you for your hard work, efforts, and patience to make us what we are today.”

“Your dedication and vision are inspiring. We are proud to be part of your team.”

“You always lead by examples. We are trying our best to emulate your leadership qualities.”


Boss's day certificate free template

Ways To Appreciate Your Best Boss

It is a wrong notion that costly gifts and flowers are the only right choices to express one’s appreciation for the best boss. It can be done in a dignified way by showing some gestures.

Every leader appreciates when his team members ‘follow the leader’. If the boss has a great sense of punctuality, it would make him happy when his employees value time. Staying an hour after the scheduled duty hours or arriving at work place a few minutes earlier as the boss does every day would go a long way to impress him.

When the boss is worried about a co-worker being absent, your cooperation and readiness to shoulder extra work would be appreciated and remembered. It does not pay in the long run to be fussy and tell the boss ‘It’s not my job’. On the other hand, saying “thank you” to the boss for every small gesture is a nice way of appreciating boss.

Boss's Day Gift certificate

Boss's day printable certificate

Things To Include In Best Boss Award Certificates

Throughout the year, the boss relentlessly guides and inspires his employees. He has the managerial skill to assess their capabilities and tries to get the most out of them. He also goes on issuing certificates of appreciation to his employees. But come Boss’s Day, he is on the other side of the table at the receiving end.

Employees get this privilege to award their bosses on the occasion and they should write something special about their bosses. Most bosses have a good sense of humor and a line in the lighter vein will make a mark. If he keeps information about individual employee’s problems in personal life and gives suggestions on his own, such attitudes deserve to get appreciation from all his employees.

Depending upon the relationship the boss maintains, the language could be formal, informal or friendly or cautious and professional.

Funny boss award certificate

Inspiring boss certificate

World’s Best Boss Award Certificate

One does not have to search for World’s Best Boss Award Certificate as Microsoft Word has made it available. It can be easily downloaded and edited. It can be customized easily. Though it is designed with a white background, the color and font size can be changed. Moreover, this has a Preview feature that makes the selection so simple.

A typical World’s Best Boss Certificate would have the following format.


This certificate is awarded to

Recipient’s Name

In Recognition of


Date:                                                                                 Signature

World's best boss award certificate

Happy Boss’s Day Printable Signs

There are hundreds of free cards which can be easily downloaded and text can be added. It would add a personal touch if the card is printed with blank space for text which is written by hand. One can use a few of the simplest cards described below.

A greetings card that has an image of two workers setting up the party banner and reading “Happy Boss’s Day” will convey your appreciation to the boss. Another one has pink balloons on it and reads “Happy Boss’s Day”. A flashy tie on the card and “Happy Boss’s Day” will show your appreciation for the boss.            

If you want to send an ecard to your boss on the special day, use this link :              


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