The Breast Cancer Powerpoint Background displays a white background and features the image of a graphic representation of two women in a formation of the alphabet A. The breast cancer powerpoint template can be used by doctors in seminars and conferences to talk about breast cancer. It can be used by medical colleges to talk about the symptoms of breast cancer, the causes, effects and cure. 

Women Breast Cancer Powerpoint Templates
downloadThe template is about the breast cancer in women. Breast cancer is more widely spread amongst women than in men. Indicative signs of a cancer may be either a lump which has developed in the breast or a change of shape that has occurred. There may be a dimpling of the skin above the breast or fluid oozing out of the nipples. Scaly red patches on the breast are also common indicators. In cases where the cancer may have advanced or spread, bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, yellowing of the skin and a shortness of breath may be additional or accompanying symptoms. Major causes for the disease in women could be genetic; this apart, obesity, sedentary lifestyle or lack of adequate exercise, alcohol abuse, could be a few reasons. Hormone replacement or radiation therapies have also been cited as possible reasons for the onset of the disease.