The breast cancer powerpoint presentation is provided with a red background and has a computer graphic image of the breast in red and two cancerous tumors growing on them. This breast cancer powerpoint template can be used by doctors in seminars and conferences to talk about breast cancer.

It can be used by medical colleges to talk about the symptoms of breast cancer, the causes, effects and cure. Professors can use this for their lecture sessions and students can use this for dissertation or projects. It can also be used by gynecologists to explain to their patients about the care that has to be taken post procedure. It can be used by nutritionists in their counseling sessions to explain about the diet that can be followed post surgery.Risk Factors Breast Cancer Powerpoint Templates


The template is about the risk factors concerned with breast cancer. The primary risk factors for breast cancer are old age, genetics, lack of child bearing or non breast feeding. Higher levels of certain hormones, dietary conditions and obesity are also contributory factors to breast cancer, primarily in women. Tobacco seems to be a contributor. The more the use of tobacco and the longer it has been used, the higher seem the chances of the cancer. Long term smoking seems to increase the incidence of risk by some 35%. Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle seems to increase the risk by around 10%. There has been some debate on whether continued uses of oral contraceptives do tend to lead to pre menopausal breast cancer. Again it has never been conclusively proved whether non breast feeding does lead to the advent of breast cancer. Some studies seem to have proved it conclusively – while other studies have also conclusive proved that there is no causal relationship.