The Breast Cancer Powerpoint Slides  showcases a black background and has the image of the anatomy of a woman kneeling on the ground.  The breast cancer powerpoint template can be used by doctors in seminars and conferences to talk about breast cancer. It can be used by medical colleges to talk about the symptoms of breast cancer, the causes, effects and cure.

Professors can use this for their lecture sessions and students can use this for dissertation or projects. It can also be used by gynecologists to explain to their patients about the care that has to be taken post procedure. It can be used by nutritionists in their counseling sessions to explain about the diet that can be followed post surgery.Men & Women Breast Cancer Powerpoint Templates


The template talks about breast cancer in both men and women. Breast Cancer is a cancer that develops in the breast tissue. This kind of cancer normally develops amongst the cells in the lining of milk ducts and the lobules which supply milk to the duct. This type of cancer is predominantly prevalent in women though men too are susceptible to this dreaded disease, though in smaller numbers. Diagnosis of cancer is majorly of two types – Early and advanced case diagnosis. Interestingly a study made of mortality rates from breast cancer amongst men and women indicates that men are more likely to die of breast cancer than women; this is irrespective of the stage of cancer prevalent. The study indicates that in normal cases of the cancer 74% of men survive against 83% in women within 5 years of diagnosis and treatment. In the case of advanced disease diagnosis, survival rate for men drops to 16 % as against 19% in women.