The Breast Cancer PowerPoint template is set against a black background and features the image of the anatomy of a woman and the breasts in yellow. The template can be used by doctors in seminars and conferences to talk about breast cancer.

It can be used by medical colleges to talk about the symptoms of breast cancer, the causes, effects and cure. Professors can use this for their lecture sessions and students can use this for dissertation or projects. It can also be used by gynecologists to explain to their patients about the care that has to be taken post procedure. It can be used by nutritionists in their counseling sessions to explain about the diet that can be followed post surgery.Breast Cancer Powerpoint Templates


The template talks about cancer. Cancer is a disease that affects both men and women, perhaps equally. Women are prone to cancer genetically while lifestyle is a more attributable cause to the disease in men. Cancer is defined as an uncontrolled rate of growth of cells in a body which divide and attack other tissues. The problem begins when the cells start to form lumps or tissue masses called otherwise as tumors. Tumors can cause various problems that affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems. The tumors can release hormones that can alter body function. Tumors that are rooted and not mobile and have limited growth are normally termed benign meaning not dangerous. Malignant tumors are those that move through the body and attack other healthy tissues. The cancerous cells multiply and can make new blood vessels feed on themselves. With high mortality rates in advanced stages cancer has come to be termed as one of the dreaded diseases of the 20th and 21st centuries.