10 Great Business Gift Certificate Templates for Small Businesses

It’s time to exchange gifts. Yes, people look at thanking others starting from the Thanksgiving during the last week of Nov, and the gifting fever begins there. It need not stop as there are reasons to gift all your employees, customers and clients to be during Christmas and welcome the New Year to come. And you can download business gift certificate template from this page for your use.

But, you must know how to use these gift certificates and the types of the certificate template available. Hence you can continue reading to find some insights and the best ways to gift your customers.

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Business Gift Certificate Maker

Five Different Purposes Of Giving A Gift Certificate In Business Arena

 As mentioned earlier first thing first and expressing gratitude is the best way to keep your clients feel about your work. You might always deliver on time; you can do a perfect job every time, you understand their need correctly and achieve It is not sufficient to build rapport with the client. Does that mean you need to work more? No, that is not the point, but you must stay connected with them. Wishing them on a New Year, their company anniversary, and much more will make them feel important. After all, they are people too. So you can send a gift certificate thanking them for trusting you. Thank them for being connected with you and thank them merely without any reasons. But, thank them.

Business Gift Certificate Template

  • Ok, what comes next to thank you is SORRY. In fact sorry is more critical than THANKS. So why do you think you must send a gift certificate for asking an apology. There are times when some errors occur, and it may be because of you and not because of you. But it is good to be first in seeking an apology. So send a gift certificate to your business associate with a SORRY, and that will cool the situation, and you can do your business smoothly.
  • Then comes the next significant gesture of appreciating your client for valuing your service. Thanking is different and appreciating is something which will make every individual feel like flying in the sky. Use the business gift certificate template in word to appreciate your client. Word template can be edited, and thus you can personalize based on your need. You can appreciate them for the spontaneous feedback, timely communication, giving you more business, and for merely being with you.Business Gift Certificate Template Free
    • Now come to another purpose where you want to give your employee a gift certificate for his/her dedication. But you do not know what to gift them. Then you can use the printable gift certificate along with a mention of what you want to gift them. They can use the gift card to buy the item that they like. It is a good idea, and you can be sure that they wanted your gift because they bought it.
    • Also when you work in any business, it is a good practice to make charity. Use gift certificate to give out fund based on the requirement. You must not merely give gifts but make sure it makes sense. You can opt for a dinner in a restaurant, and another creative way you think makes sense.


Business Gift Certificate Template Free Download

Free Business Gift Certificate Template With Logo

Let me now get one step forward to talk about some details. You can download gift certificate template from here. Yes, I agree it is quick and easy. Above all it is free. Then you wanted to personalize, and hence I provided work templates which you can customize per your need. You have another requirement and do you know about that? I will let you know. It will be great if you can add your company logo on the gift certificate. Yes, you can do it.

Ask me how?

Look at the template given here that is a free business gift certificate template in which you can put your logo.

Don’t stop with that and mention your company website address and contact details.  You need to download the template. Then open it and click on the space given for logo and upload your logo. Sound easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is. So you can promote your business using this technique.



Business Gift Certificate Template Word

Gift Certificates For Small Business

When you own a small business, then you need to work hard than the well-established giants. Is it because you’re small? No, but you need to make yourself visible to your competition. So you must pay attention to the gift certificate you give to your customers.

You must look at every aspect of business in a close manner to move to the next level. Therefore announcing a gift card program will make a lot of sense. For the very purpose of launching the gift card program, you need gift certificates.

Free Business Gift Certificate Template With Logo

How To Make Gift Certificates For Your Business

Fine, till now I have been focusing on using the ready-made templates. Now I think its time to make gift certificates for your business. Yes, making gift certificate might require your time, but you will get a great satisfaction that you did it. This is a great feeling that will motivate every business person. So, learn how to make one and feel motivated.

Steps involved in designing a gift certificate

You can design gift certificate from any free app or even using a word doc. The steps remain the same, and you need to understand few basics.


Free Business Gift Certificate Template Word

HERE YOU GO With ideas

  1. Select the size of the gift certificate, and it can be one of the three standard dimensions namely 2 x 3.5 inches, 4 x 9 inches and 2.5 x 7 inches.
  2. After size, you must know the theme.
  3. Search for relevant pictures from sites like pixabay for royalty free images. You can take a pic on your own and add them as well, and it is a great way to show the uniqueness of your brand.
  4. Now time to add text and write some details about the business and choose appropriate font, style and font size.
  5. You’re done once you write your text, and it is ready to be printed. If used any free app then download and publish

This will be unique gift certificates as the idea is yours, the design you did, and you only own it. Let your gift certificate stand in the mind of your recipient. You can send gift certificates via email. Also can modify few inputs based on the purpose of them for.

Free Gift Certificate Template For Business

4 Benefits of Giving Gift Certificates by Small Business Owners

  1. Gift certificates will increase the business profit.
  2. It will bring in trust among the customers.
  3. It effectively brands your company.
  4. It the cost-effective way to increase sales of your business.

Why Should A Small Business Owner Use Gift Certificates

You must go with the flow. Yes, the trend e-gifts are the latest business trick used by most of the business monsters. So you can let customers purchase gifts based on their taste by combing the gift certificate with a gift card. Still, you hold the control of the price and they can buy that will be useful. Gif certificate will have your company details, and the gift need not be a diary which is the very oldest method of giving a gift. Stay With the Trend

When you worry about “Where Can I Buy Gift Certificates For My Business?” then you’re anxiety stops here and you can use the gift certificate templates for free from here.

Free Printable Business Gift Certificate Template

Custom Business Gift Certificates

Best trick that a business owner can adapt especially the small players is to reward your clients with a custom printed business gift certificate. You can design and personalize them suiting your need.

Follow The Simple Steps, And You Will Realize That You’re Done Even Before You Realize. 

Do I sound confusing? No, I will tell you just follow the tips give here you personalize your certificates.

  1. Download the business gift certificate in the word format to your PC.
  2. Open it in using MS word and start editing.
  3. You can click on the respective place to make changes.
  4. Click on the name for typing your company name.
  5. Change the background if you feel the theme is not relevant to you.
  6. Make changes to color.
  7. Type text with different content, change the style and the size.
  8. Save the changes.
  9. Send it via email to your e-customers.
  10. Print and give it if you have planned for a gathering with your clients.

Note: You can use this custom gift certificate to print it in bulks for a specific target group. You can also modify and use the same for another team. Therefore you need not run around for gift certificates anymore. You can use the templates given here as a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Now, I am sure you’re convinced and feel great about using the business gift certificates given here. These are not just certificates, but you’re a treasure to thank, apologize, appreciate and stay connected with your employees, customers, and business associates. Make the best use of these templates to attract the entire business arena.