2019 Business Ideas for Kids: 26 Kids Business Ideas That Actually Work

For many entrepreneurs, the only thing more rewarding than raising your own kids is teaching them how to start a small business.

Kids are not only eager to learn and expand, with a little effort and gusto, they’re very likely to succeed at running their own small business.

Whether your kid starts a neighborhood dog walking service, or creates their own product and sells on Etsy, the things they learn while operating their small business are invaluable.

Schools today are not necessarily teaching kids how to “separate themselves from the pack”, nor are they teaching them how to become entrepreneurs. Whether or not your kid goes on to run a business after their high school graduation or not, the things they learn during their experience will play a big part in their decisions after graduation.

By helping your kid start a business, you’ll teach them valuable skills like time management, hand shakes and eye contact (yes, that’s still a thing!), basic sales skills, and so much more.

Thinking of teaching your kid to become an entrepreneur? 

This post was inspired by Travis, a 13 year old who last summer started a lawn mowing business and took home $4,000. Travis lives in a rural Minnesota town and with the help of his Dad (driving him to and from lawn mowing appointments) was able to earn a substantial amount of money for a kid.

Travis went on to purchase several goats, reinvesting his profits, that have already had babies of their own which he plans to sell as pets.

In 2019, everybody, from kids to adults, wants to be a small business owner. Entrepreneurs have become the pop stars of the new generation. From business celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk to the popular TV show “Shark Tank”, entrepreneurs continue to dominate pop culture.

26 Business Ideas for Kids in 2019

We wanted to create a kids business list that would not only inspire ideas, but actually show kids how to successfully operate their small business. Under each of these ideas, we’re working on separate guides with helpful information like designing flyers, business cards, and websites.

We’ve also categorized this guide into two different areas. Service based businesses (ideal for younger kids) and tech based businesses (for kids a bit older, with a more advanced understanding of the internet).


Dog Walking Service

A dog walking service. One of the first, classic kids business ideas. And for good reason. For generations, both kids and adults alike have started and ran successful dog walking services.

Startup is easy, startup costs are low and it’s an outdoor activity with a huge additional benefit: exercise and fresh air.

How to get your first dog walking client: this is as easy as walking next door! If you know your neighbors own a dog, ask them if they’d be willing to let you walk it as your first dog walking client. Chances are, even if they walk their dog themselves, they’re going to hire you. Folks love when kids show the drive to start their own business and most will spread the word (even if they do not hire you).

What if your neighbor doesn’t own a dog? I would still recommend talking to them. Come up with a simple dog walking flyer and use it as an excuse to visit with them. They’ll enjoy your company and you can ask them to refer your new business to friends.

How to price your dog walking service: there are a couple options when it comes to pricing. First and probably the most popular is by the hour. Charging by the hour is great as you can walk multiple dogs at the same time, taking home $5-$20 per pet. Second, per walk. Charging per walk is a bit more challenging, as you need to make sure you’re delivering enough value to the pet owner. Third, in my opinion, the most advanced pricing model would be monthly dog walking subscription. If I were a kid, I would offer several pricing models that let the pet owner choose their rate.

What’s a good hourly rate to charge for your dog walking service? 

I would start at $7-$10 an hour. If you get too many clients right away, raise your prices! If you’re not getting enough, lower them. This is an important teaching moment for kids, the market decides what your service is worth. They’ll face this same challenge down the road when interviewing for their first job.

Lawn Mowing Service

Babysitting Service

Soap Maker

Leaf Removal

Snow Removal

Lemonade Stand

Bake Sale

Collect Recyclable Materials

Selling Candy / Soda at School

Dog Poop Cleanup

Mobile Car Washing

Mobile Car Detailing

Farm Chores

Bike Advertising

Flyer Delivery

Start A Garden

Tech Kids Business Ideas

Website Building

Goodwill Reseller

Online Store

Flipping Shoes

Selling On eBay

Start an Etsy Store

Live Streaming Video Games

Youtube Influencer

Book Flipping