It is an ancient symbol of Grecian origin that represented commerce, but became associated with its representation as a symbol of medicine since the 19th century after several documentation errors.



The caduceus is symbolised by the intertwining of two snakes around a winged staff belonging to the Greek deity Hermes, and in contemporary medical view symbolises DNA. It is said to represent rebirth, renewal and the removal of venom as per the representation of snakes. The free medical PowerPoint template is designed in metallic silver tones and set against a blue backdrop of heart beats, signifying its status as a medical representation. The free PowerPoint can be downloaded by medical practitioners while giving a seminar or lecture on ancient medical history for medical students. It can also be used by science teachers to add elements of interest to classes for middle and high school students, about medicine and history. Medical websites can add the PowerPoint to their trivia section, with facts about ancient medicine history and medicinal practices then.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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