14+ Cake Competition Certificates for Bake-Off & Cake Decorating Competitions


It is tough to create a cake competition certificate as you need to first develop a proper understanding regarding the words that you can include in the same. Also, it should be eye-catching with proper placement of images or clip arts that can convey clearly what the certificate is all about.

After all, those who will win a cake baking competition are talented bakers who deserve a wonderful recognition in the form of awards or certificates. So, if you are planning to organize a cake baking competition at any time soon, it is best to have some free cake certificate templates with you that you can edit and use within no time.

Bake off certificate

Bake off winner certificate

Usually, people who have a bakery business or a cake shop organize such events or competitions to find and recognize talented bakers within their locality or region.

However, I am well aware of the challenges that you may come across in finding such templates and creating a certificate from scratch is next to impossible. This is especially when you lack a creative flair or has no idea about a proper format of a cake competition certificate.

Bakery gift certificate

Best baker certificate

Cake competition certificate templates

Well, I am here to rescue you by presenting you a nice collection of cake competition certificate templates that you can download and use by a little or no editing at all! Each of the certificate template presented below is designed by professionals who are well-versed with the things to add in cake competition certificate.

Best cake decorater certificate

Things to add to cake competition certificate

Like most of the other competition certificate formats, cake competition certificate too must have a few key ingredients in its design like a large header, a sub-header, space for including the name of the recipient, date, signature, and name of the organization that has organized the competition. It is always better to keep the font size of the header large in comparison to the sub-header and rest of the text. This is essential so that it can stand out prominently and can be visible easily. Also, there are a couple of other things that you can add in a cake competition certificate and these are as follows:

  • Attractive image or images of cupcakes or decorated cakes
  • An image of a baker wearing an apron and a skull cap
  • An image of a golden cup or a badge

One can insert these images in the background or preferably in one corner of the certificate. Many designers choose to insert such images all around the text to make it appealing, but it entirely depends more on the type of competition that you are organizing. For example, if the contest is for amateur bakers, it is OK to use multiple images in the background or foreground to make it look appealing. However, if the contest is a highly competitive one that includes hotel or restaurant chefs, it is best to restrict yourself to a single high-resolution image of a beautiful cake or just an eye-catching decorative element that can make your certificate elegant.

As if this is not enough….

Also, now that you are done with the things that you can add in a cake competition certificate, it is wise to move to the nest step-Understanding the wordings that you can add.

Cake competition certificate

Cake competition certificates

Cake competition winner certificate

Childrens certificate I can bake

Cub scout cake certificate

Wordings for a bake-off winner certificate

See, there is ample scope to unleash your creative writer while deciding the wordings of such a certificate. There is no fixed rule that you need to follow while choosing your words. However, some of the commonly used words in such certificates are as follows:


Some of the other wordings that you can add are presented to, awarded to, and so on below the header. You may take a clue from our readymade cake competition certificates to know the wordings that you can include.


I believe that no matter how excellent your certificates are, you must know the art of judging a bake off contest. You will be surprised to know that to become an admired judge of such contests, it is best to follow some simple steps. So, here we go.

Cup cake contest award kids

Cup cake certificate

Cup cake war certificate

How to judge a bake-off contest?

 There are a few fundamental steps that you can follow to judge a bake off contest and these are as follows:

  1. Taste each and every cake no matter how disgusting they may appear at a first glance. Since, there is always a limited time available to the bakers participating in the bake off contest, it may happen that you end up liking the taste of a cake which is not looking attractive at all! After all, looks can be deceptive.
  2. Monitor each bite because sometimes the first bite is not enough to get the real taste of a delicious cake. Also, if you didn’t monitor, you may confuse its taste with the taste of other cakes while judging the contest.
  3. There is no need to be polite and you can spit the bite in your mouth if it is utterly tasteless. This will save your precious time as you may have to taste plenty of cakes in a contest within a scheduled time frame to pronounce your judgment.
  4. Eat plain bread pieces in between tasting cakes as this will help you to grasp the distinct taste of each cake baked by the participants. Also, make it a point to taste only a little and not a large piece just because you are in love with its taste.
  5. Once you came to a realization about the cakes that are excellently baked, do not over think that you may be wrong as this will only confuse you. The cakes whose taste remains with you even after tasting all the cakes deserve a win.

Be it a cup cake certificate or a plum cake competition certificate, you can create all by little editing of our existing cake competition certificate templates. You can also have bake-off winner certificate templates below for free!

Cup cake war winner certificate

Star baker certificate


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