Capital punishment, also referred to as death penalty, is a legal sentence given to an individual who has committed a grave crime in the eyes of law. Free-Legal-Powerpoint-Template232


The death penalty in India is usually placed before the President for approval, and after legal processing; the criminal is executed for his death sentence. So far in Indian history, the Supreme Court of India has permitted four cases of death sentences to be passed. The free law PowerPoint template has been designed in professional silver and grey tones, with the picture of a legal practitioner holding the balancing scale vector in her hand, symbolising the impartiality and just nature of law’s punishments. The template can be used by criminal law and criminology students for seminars on the stringent nature of capital punishments, with examples of cases in history where capital punishment were controversial. Education websites can hold PowerPoint competitions for school students about the pros and cons of capital punishment, and if it violates the principle of human rights.

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