Cardiovascular medicines have advanced from what they were two decades back owing to the advancements and developments in genetics, molecular biology and biophysics.


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 Cardiac pharmacology is grouped under seven categories as per their physiological actions- anti-adrenergic drugs, anti- arrhythmic drugs, anti-thrombotic drugs, diuretics, inotropic drugs, lipid regulating drugs and vasodilator drugs. The cardiology template features the colored anatomy of the heart against a blue background with molecule designs. The free PowerPoint can be downloaded by pharmaceutical companies for use on their websites online as a slideshow, with details about the types of drugs and the diseases they are meant for. Corresponding links to buy the drugs or with pharmacy drugstores where they can be purchased can be enclosed within the slideshow. Medical college students can use the same PowerPoint while presenting a seminar for their assessment purposes. The pharmacy related template can also be used for seminars on advancement in medicine and technology.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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