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Are you an individual or a company looking for providing carpet cleaning services? Do not worry about the Invoice. Even if you already own carpet cleaning service and want to standardize your invoice. You can make use of the carpet cleaning invoice templates / samples available with us. Select the one you want from the options available with us.

Free Carpet Cleaning Invoice Templates / Samples









How to create a carpet cleaning invoice?

Getting paid for any service is very important. To get paid there needs to be an invoice raised by the service provider. Let me tell you how to create a carpet cleaning invoice?

Let us begin from the top and explain each section in detail. The top portion of the invoice will be the name of the company or the entrepreneur name, logo if any, address, phone, and email.

Then mention the Date on which the invoice will be printed. Next is the Purchase Order (PO). In general, PO is used by big organizations to track their expenditures. It is a combination of numbers and alphabets. PO is not mandatory though. Mention invoice number for you to track your payments.

Now we have to mention the “terms”. This includes the time provided to the customer for payment. It could be an immediate release of payment upon receiving the invoice, or some time duration as per your agreement. This could be either a direct statement or in short like an immediate Due, Due in 15 days etc. Add other terms and conditions per your requirement.





Next is the “To” section. Name, Address, and Contact details of the customer.

This section is the important section called the “details”. Here you explain about the services done, quantity, and cost. It could be carpet cleaning details like the size of the carpet, a number of carpets, nature of carpet etc. Based on your service, write the details here.

Then get the total from the details table cost column and add taxes if any to mention the total amount to be paid by the customer.

After this, you can add any promotional offers you wish to provide. This is purely optional.

It’s time to mention that you’re glad to work for them. The last section is the “Thank you” section, before your signature.







Carpet cleaning invoice disclaimer

Statement purposefully mentioned to set the limits of rights and duties are called as disclaimers. This is often required as money transaction is happening in every business. At the same time, a disclaimer should not be threatening for both the parties. It should neither be too many nor negligible. If you do not add disclaimers many customers may not make payment as you have not done the cleaning which is actually impossible. Be clear in mentioning details in advance like what is not possible during cleaning.





The right things to be added to a disclaimer

There are limitations even for a professional cleaner and better to frankly mention the same.

  • Spots on the carpet due to rusting, coffee stains, makeup items stains, alcohol and some types of ink cannot be removed completely or may result in the deformation of the color of the carpet. SPOT REMOVAL IS NOT 100% GUARANTEED.
  • Carpet characteristics including pile shading, ruffling, and budding cannot be cleaned.
  • The company is not responsible for “SHRINKAGE” if it is due to the nature of the carpet.
  • If the quality of the carpet is poor and fades due to washing, the company should is not responsible.
  • Carpet to be cleaned that are having a bad odor due to pets can be completely cleaned only if we are allowed to reach the place and do an end to end cleaning. Otherwise, 100% results cannot be produced.
  • Payment must be paid as per the agreement; failing to do so may force us to take legal actions without prior intimation.





Things to be avoided in disclaimer

Although it is good to mention certain things in a disclaimer for the benefits of the service provider it is equally important to avoid few things that hurt the customer and makes us lose the business.

  • Pick the most relevant things from the above and do not mention everything in the invoice disclaimer.
  • Never mention your disclaimer in an ambiguous way.
  • Avoid being generic. Be very clear and crisp in your writings.
  • The disclaimer should not give an impression that you disown from all your responsibilities.





Terms & Conditions for Carpet Cleaning Invoice (T&C)

Include the following in the Terms & Conditions while signing an agreement with the customer.

Timelines – Mention the turnaround time to complete the service. Non-appearance or delay of the service provider within the stipulated time. Alternatively, the customer premise is found to be locked when the service provider reaches on the scheduled time. Clauses need to be mentioned to avoid any confusion.

Damage and Safety – Ask the customer to provide a safe working environment if your representatives work on their premises. How will the service provider be liable for the loss or damage of the carpet during the cleaning process?

Booking and Cancellation – Explain about your service methods like, how to do the booking for your services, what is priority booking service? Etc. Cancellation clause for both the customer and service provider.

Price and Payment Terms – Price quotation to be made clear while signing the agreement and same will be mentioned in the invoice. Payment terms must be mentioned. Time of payment from the time of raising an invoice. Changes made by the customer after booking will add charges accordingly. Mention the taxes to be included if any.

Copyright – The service provider has the rights to modify the terms and conditions.

Stains – If you do not have disclaimers then mention the stains that are not possible to be cleaned in your terms and conditions.





Avoid the following in the terms and conditions (T&C)

Write your terms and conditions in a simple way. Do not complicate clauses. Do not add too many clauses. Too many clauses might make the customer feel frustrated. Do not be very rigid about money in the T&C as this may be little bothering to the genuine customers. No legal requirements need to be mentioned in the T&C.





Importance of Due Date field in invoice

Due date is the date when the customer is expected to make the payment. On or before the due date payment must be made.

Write the due date clearly in the invoice following the proper date format. Keep the holidays in mind while mentioning the due date.

This date not only reminds the customer to pay the bill for your service, it also helps you to follow-up on your payment.





Importance of Re-contacting date field in invoice

Re-contacting date is the date when the customer can reach out to the service provider for the next cleaning service.

This date helps the service provider to call the customer and check if cleaning is required.

Re-contacting date is important to grow your business. Carpet cleaning service need not be one time and you can keep in touch with your customer by contacting and understanding their need for another cleaning.

By doing this way you may even be referred to more customers by your existing customer.



Post cleaning instructions in Carpet Cleaning Invoice

It is good to clean carpets at least once in a year. Mention your customers to follow these post carpet cleaning instructions to maintain your service.

  1. Do not use cleaned carpets at least for 4 hours after cleaning.
  2. Dry them completely using a fan or blower and keep the doors open until it dries.
  3. Advise customers to use carpet protecting products to keep carpets free from insects.
  4. Wait for 24 hours to move furniture on the carpet after applying carpet protector.
  5. Make sure not to wet carpet purposely.
  6. Vacuum the carpets frequently to avoid accumulation of dirt.
  7. Dry the carpet soon after it is wet due to any reason.
  8. Remove stains manually before they dry.

How to invoice – One-time service vs. Carpet Maintenance Programs (Long term)

Let us compare carpet cleaning invoice to be raised for one time or annual maintenance program. Both have their own benefits discussed below.

One timeAMC
Immediate moneyHuge money
Can add more customersCan earn trust of existing customers to add new customers
Building trust may take timeLong term trust is built.
Repeated invoice raising exerciseOne time invoice raised annually
PO needs to be created every timeNo need to create PO

How to customize the invoice templates?

Any invoice template can be customized. Every Invoice Template is created with Word documents that are entrenched with ‘Invoice Template Merge fields’.  Though you can create your own invoice using the word, customizing from our template may save your time.

Step1: Download the template to your PC.

Step2: Locate the same in the download folder.

Step3: Open that in MS word.

Step4: Add your company logo, slogan etc.

Step5: Change fonts, formatting, styles, and much more.

Step6: ‘Invoice Template Merge Fields’ allows you to customize the template as per your need.

How to Print

Using our services feel free to print the carpet cleaning invoice template for your perusal.

Right-click on the template to save link as a word doc to your PC. You can also download the template to your PC by the clicking the same. Make necessary changes and customize the template. Fill all details and then print. Alternatively, print the template and then fill the details.

Carpet cleaning service discounts

To stand on the top as a service provider, being professional alone is not enough. One needs to offer discounts to attract customers.

Types of discounts – How to run discounts

Discounts are either in the form of reduction of the amount, adjustment of the amount in the next service, coupons, or other deals.

Carpet Size and Number – Discounts are offered based on the size of the carpets and number of carpets given for service at a time.

Number of times service required – Again if it a continuous cleaning requirement like an AMC huge discounts is offered. Regular customers are recognized this way.

Seasonal Discounts – Promoting business by offering Festival discounts. The new customer will receive the first-time discount.

Payment discounts – Based on the mode of payment discounts are offered. Cash payments received discounts. Customers who make immediate payment are offered discounts.

Referral Discounts – For those customers who market our service are offered discounts during their next carpet cleaning service.


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