Carpet installation is a growing business. Today all organizations are looking for providing their employees a professional work environment. Carpet floors give a dashing look to the office. Even carpet installation is becoming popular at homes these days. Get going with your carpet installation business and use our carpet installation invoice templates to bill your customers.

Free and Printable Carpet Installation Invoice Templates

Customize and Print invoice template –  We provide a tailor made invoice template. It is good to customize based on your need. Download our template and open in Microsoft Word i.e. in the format it is created. Review the details. Feel free to add and remove details based on the services you offer. Then fill all the details and print them for sending to the customer.







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What are the basics that we need to know to create an invoice for carpet installation business?

Carpet installation invoices can either be in a word document or excel. We need to create the invoice in a standard format. You can decide to make changes in your invoice. There are few sections which must be present.



The installation invoice must contain details about two parties namely, the installer and the customer. First mention the Name, Address, and contact details of the installer. Print your logo and slogans, if you own an organization. Mention these details on the left. Then on the right side of the invoice, write the date and invoice number.



Then mention the details of the customer including their name, location, email, and phone on the left side. Adjacent to this on the right side mention the customer Id and terms. Terms may contain the details such as bill payment is due, due on receipt, Net15, Net30 etc.

Note: Net15 – Payment due in 15 days / Net 30 – Payment due in 30 days

Next, make a table describing the following details in each column. The quantity of the carpet required for installation. Description about the carpet such as color, material, and size, of the carpet. In the next column mention the price per unit and the line total.





The end of the table will have subtotal, tax calculations, and the total cost.

Two tables are included separately. One with details of the carpet cost. Another one explains the installation labor cost.

Finally, the invoice is signed by the installer.

Don’t forget to mention “We value your business, Thank you” to add a professional touch.

Print your company website address at the bottom of the invoice sheet.





Invoice – One time Carpet Installation (or) Installation & Maintenance – Long term

If you also provide a carpet cleaning service then it is good to raise invoice on a half yearly or an annual basis.

Raising invoice in stages can also help the customer from financial burden.

One time invoice will relieve you from the burden of follow-up if the customer seems to be slightly non-reliable.

Either way, you decide based on the situation



Carpet installation agreement

We have seen enough about the invoice creation, disclaimers, T&C, and various discount ideas. In the next part of this article let us see what is a Carpet installation agreement all about? Tax components and a proposal template.

Carpet installation is a time consuming and costly work. Hence it is better to have an agreement in place. Even though T&C in an invoice might have all details, it is better to have a mutually signed agreement before starting the work.

Name – The agreement must start with the installer and customer name and address details.

Installation Warranty – Mention the warranty details. Clearly state as an installer what all your responsibilities are and what you are liable for.

Measurements provided by the customer – In this section give the details of the floor area given by the customer. In case the measurement is found to be different then additional charges will be levied for material and labor.

Furniture and Appliances – Agree with moving the furniture before and after carpet installation. Cleary state your job in terms of movement of furniture including electrical appliances.

Electricity and Heat – Make sure that the responsibility of the customer includes in providing power and heat during the installation process.

Unavoidable damages – State regarding the damages caused if any and also put it in writing as to who is responsible for what kind of damage

Payment Details – Describe payment methods, payment duration, and additional charges.

Finally get it signed by both parties upon reading and understanding the agreement.

How to Add Tax Calculation to your Carpet Installation Invoice

Tax is calculated based on the location. Calculate Sales tax and Service tax if you are providing carpet and installation. Add only service tax if the carpet is purchased by the customer. Include tax in the invoice at the end of the total column. Sales tax to be added only for the material cost. Service tax must be added to the installation cost. Refer table below.


Disclaimer – Do’s and Don’ts

All invoices must have a disclaimer that clearly mentions the limitation of liability. There are few guidelines to be followed while preparing a disclaimer for a carpet installation invoice template.

Warranty Disclaimer – The carpet installer is not responsible for any manufacturing defects of the carpet after 90 days of the date of installation. The installer disclaims all other warranties. Either they are expressed or unstated.

Damage Disclaimer – The carpet installer will not hold any responsibility for any defects brought to their notice after 2 days of installation.

Delay in installation – Print in your invoice that the installer is not liable for the delay caused by carpet installation that happened due to the natural calamities. Charges will be revised if there is a delay due to the carelessness of the customer in not keeping the floor suitable for installation.

Floor problems – The installer is not liable for the unclean and uneven floors. Customers are expected to keep them ready for installation before the agreed date. The installer is not liable for any damage caused to the carpet post installation due to poor maintenance of any other services carried out on the floor causes damage.


Do not mention about the price in a disclaimer. Never make your disclaimer lengthy. The disclaimer must not be in small letters. It must be in capital letters. Never mention anything against law in your disclaimer. Verify legally before writing a disclaimer.

Terms and Conditions (T&C)

The disclaimer is just one part of the T&C printed in the invoice. Sections to be included in T&C are as follows. Customize the same based on your service.

All carpet installation estimates and quotations are subject to the following terms and conditions unless otherwise confirmed in writing by the installer.

  • Mention the validity of the invoice.
  • The quantity of carpet required for installation shown in the quotation is subject to change after the actual installation.
  • Installation must be allowed to be executed during the visit that is scheduled based on the mutual convenience of the installer and customer at the time of signing the agreement.
  • Mention the working hours and holiday details.
  • The customer is expected to make sure that the floors are cleaned, dried and leveled before the installers reach the venue for installation.
  • The installer needs the workplace to be free from any other workmen
  • If the customer requests for postponement just before 7 days of a confirmed installation start date, then the installer can make additional charges.
  • Remove the beadings in any riser or stairs to avoid unnecessary
  • Utmost care will be taken during the carpet installation by the installer. Still, some spots may occur on the floor. The customer must take ownership of such corrections.
  • Make sure to move all wires from the carpet installation area.
  • At least 12 mm space is required for the doors to place the carpets. If not the installer may either be pushed to an incomplete work or a door trimming exercise will be carried out.
  • Mention regarding payment terms including the advance amount, date of full payment, cancellation charges, tax details, miscellaneous charges, and all other charges for installation.
  • Highlight the guarantee period and clauses relevant to that.
  • Include disclaimer at the end.
  • DO NOT mention any discount details in the T&C.
  • DO NOT make your T&C very rigid.
  • DO NOT overburden customer in the name of T&C.
  • DO NOT mention that your job is over after installation. Partner with them for a longer and stronger association.

Post Installation Instruction

Provide the following guidelines to your customers that need to be followed by them to maintain the carpet.

Temperature – Instruct them regarding the temperature to be maintained on the carpeted floor based on the material used.

Usage of carpet – Suggest them not to use the carpet at least for 24 hours post installation to let the adhesives dry completely. Let them not wet the carpet for a minimum of one-month post installation.

Protection Materials – Advise them to keep the carpet installation job to be the last job after all interior work is completed. Also, suggest them to use carpet reporting materials to protect the carpet from dirt and stains.

Difference between Proposal template and Invoice template

As the name implies proposal is prepared by the installer before the actual agreement is signed. This is just an estimate provided by an installer to the “to be” customer. Proposal sent does not confirm the order. Proposed cost may be altered after completion of the task

Invoice is prepared after the job is completed. This is sent to receive payment from the customer. It is a legal document that confirms the completion of the task. This document can be used to sue the customer who delays or do not make payment. Invoice total and proposal total need not be the same.

Proposal template contains the following information

  • Name and address of the installer.
  • Date and Proposal number.
  • Company details in brief followed by website address.
  • To whomsoever, it may concern.
  • Carpet installation estimate table. Similar to the invoice template assuming some values.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The validity of the proposal.
  • Signature of the installer.
  • Signature of the prospective customer and date of acceptance.

Ideas about different types of discounts

Offering discounts not only attract customers but also earns a reputation for your business.

Installation discount – You can offer free installation for limited period bookings.

Insurance – Customers who install Carpet for more floor area can be covered with free insurance or share 50% of the insurance price.

Maintenance – Discount may be offered in the form of providing free maintenance for one year from the date of installation.

Payment – Announce discount for full payment made during booking or on the day of installation.

Branded products – If they select a branded carpet for their installation you may offer them a discount which makes them feel happy about the brand and helps you to have a relationship with the manufacturer.