This template with colorful presentation is centered on the educational establishment of preschools, based on its principle that children absorb the most information during their initial years post birth.

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This template with a keen focus on teaching children as depicted in the cover slide emphasises on a very important aspect of the Kindergarten education system, where various methods or styles of teaching are followed- Bank Street, Forest kindergartens, Head Start, the High Scope, Montessori, Reggio Emilia approach and Waldorf.

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This free Kindergarten PowerPoint template focuses on the importance of mixing enjoyable activities and education for young children.

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The template has the design of image of a child in the act of learning to emphasize on early education for children from toddler hood.

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The template underlines the method of making learning appealing and interesting for children- through games. Sample-Powerpoint-Template 502 a Continue reading

The template’s cover slide portrays the theme of preschool education and the way they function across the world.   Sample-Powerpoint-Template 503 a Continue reading

The template talks about the predominant system of preschool education that is observed across most countries of the world, examples being United States of America, China, India, Japan, etc.

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The template is meant as an introduction to English alphabet system, which is derived from the Latin system and has 26 lowercase and 26 uppercase letters.

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The template talks about the importance of play school education in development of young minds. A solid kindergarten system of education ensures that children develop auditory, visual, kin-aesthetic, motor and cognitive skills which are essential for their further years of schooling in primary school.

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The template talks about one of the most important figures in shaping a young child’s development socially, mentally and psychologically- the teacher.

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