10 Elegant Certificate of Appreciation for Donation Templates : Free Download Word Documents

Are you going to raise funds for a noble cause like for providing food items or essential supplies for natural disaster survivors or to fund underprivileged children? Even, if you are making some serious efforts to fund an event, a project or for skill development, you need a donation from known and unknown people. Many people willingly donate for noble causes. In such cases, you will require certificates of appreciation for donation to present them to the donators.

A certificate in exchange of money or clothes may seem nothing at a first glance, but don’t forget some good souls donate their blood too in blood donation camps and that too on a regular basis.  So, the piece of paper that you will present to appreciate donation givers must be designed elegantly and should genuinely convey your gratitude. Since we know that it will be impossible for you to do the designing part amidst so much work related to making preparations regarding your fundraising campaign, we are here to bring for you a nice collection of the certificate of appreciation templates. So, please have a look at the easy-to-use templates.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Build Memorial



With an image of the American flag as a watermark, the certificate with a narrow blue border seems picture-perfect to express your gratitude to donators who value the sacrifice of those who have fought a war for the sake of their country. The bright navy blue header and the use of red and black for the rest of the text go in sync with the color scheme of the national flag of America.

Certificate of Appreciation for Blood Donation



There can be no donation nobler than donating your own blood to save lives struggling to find the blood of their own blood group in hospitals and clinics. The decorative blue and white border and the white background with an illustration of a heart shape seem apt for the occasion. The image of blood droplets adds a certain element of drama to the donor appreciation certificate design.

Certificate of Appreciation for Blood Donation 2



This certificate of appreciation to donor is elegant with the use of soft pink in the background and magenta for the header. To the top-right corner, it features an image of a blood drop creating a rippling effect that signifies the importance of each blood drop in saving lives.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Child Development



The blue and white certificate with an illustration of a globe, graduation cap and two school kids at one corner looks ideal for awarding to people who have donated their valuables for the cause of educating kids in need. The certificate also features a narrow dark blue border.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation Template



The combination of orange and white looks mesmerizing.and bright too. The use of colorful alphabets to write ‘thank you’ at the bottom on a white background and the illustration of a cute little girl at the bottom-left corner will surely make the recipient proud of his work of doing something meaningful to help kids.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Natural Disaster Recovery



The illustration of countless hands at the bottom of the certificate clearly conveys the urgent need of help that people recovering from a natural disaster should have to rebuild their lives. The use of good color contrast and simplicity makes this an outstanding one to serve your purpose.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Natural Disaster Recovery 2



The sky blue certificate has a comparatively dark border in blue only and its text in black and orange. The nice font for the header and the illustration that seems like a ‘thank you’ note pinned on a noticeboard makes this certificate an endearing one.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Rebuild Community Hospital



With a nice little illustration in blue, green and black at one corner, the rest of the certificate features a no-frill design. The light background and the text in contrasting color seem perfect to recognize the efforts of donators with all sincerity for reconstruction of a hospital.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Save Pets



The certificate features a beautiful border in subtle color with white space on all sides. While its left pane has illustrations of dogs and their footprints on a contrasting background, the right pane consists of text in black and orange on a pristine white background.

Certificate of Appreciation for Donation to Empower Women



The certificate has narrow borders at only two of its opposite sides, While one side has a blue border, the other side has a red border, but each of them has white stars at equal distances. The three illustrations of women in joy on a contrasting background convey clearly without any doubt that the certificate is meant for those who have helped women directly or indirectly via their donation.

Please write to us your thoughts about our collection of donation certificates and feel free to download the certificates as per your requirement. We are always eager to know your views and opinions about our efforts.