Christianity Across Borders PowerPoint Template

Christianity is the world’s largest and most followed religion with nearly 2.4 billion adherents, out of a 7.2 billion population.

Christianity Across Borders PowerPoint Template1

Christianity Across Borders PowerPoint Template2


Christianity is the majority-followed religion in countries and continents like the Americas, Central Africa, Europe, East Timor, East Africa, Oceania, the Philippines, Southern Africa and Russia. This Christianity Across Borders PowerPoint Template can be used for seminars on the religion’s traditions and customs across various countries and continents. It can also be downloaded by churches for presentations at various events and celebrations such as universally popular Christmas to highlight the strength of Christianity as a majority religion, and the various customs in each corner of the world. The free Christian template can also be used for baptism ceremonies, along with statistics to present to a large-scale audience, and at diverse ethnic community gatherings to present the facts on Christianity’s presence in the world. It can be used for sermons on the Christian values and beliefs centering on acceptance of individuals, not barred by caste and race.

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