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This article provides a huge collection of Christmas Gift Certificate Templates for Free to download.

Christmas celebrations take place around the world to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus by Christians and others too. It is the time for the family and friends to come together for joy and fun. It is also the time for giving and receiving gifts. Though carol singing and Christmas trees have become synonymous with Christmas celebrations, gifts get the biggest share.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template

There are various templates to suit every person’s choice either as a giver or receiver, irrespective of whether they are family members, friends, colleagues and well-wishers or not. Since Santa Claus is virtually inseparable from the Christmas celebrations, a cute image of Santa in the certificate lifts the spirit.

Christmas and New year gift certificate

A template with a signature of Santa gifting ‘A trip to Disneyland’ will make a child feel to be on top of the world. Similarly, a Santa on the sledge being drawn by reindeers over snow could make one reminisce of childhood stories narrated during Christmas celebrations.
Christmas dinner gift certificate template
christmas gift certificate template - Graphic River 1
Christmas dinner gift certificates template

Christmas Gift Certificate Ideas

With the help of the Internet, there can be no dearth of Christmas Gift Certificate ideas. These are displayed in various sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and images so much so that it becomes, at times, difficult to make a selection particularly for those who are undecided about what they really want.

These cards can be customized by inserting personal messages. Though they just mention names of the senders and recipients, the personalized messages make them stand out.

Christmas gift card template
Christmas gift certificate envelope template
Christmas gift certificate template - Graphic River 2
Christmas gift certificate envelope templates

Christmas Gift Certificate Designs

There are many sites with hundreds of designs which can be customized in minutes online. The best part is, they are free and even registration is not required.

The three steps to make ready a gift certificate are:

  1. Select a gift certificate template.
  2. Use online gift-maker provided at the site to customize the template.
  3. Download the customized gift certificate and print at home.
Christmas gift voucher template free
Christmas golf gift certificate template
Christmas golf gift certificate templates

Christmas Gift Certificate Wording

The gift certificates may have a cute look, but without proper wordings, they may lose their charm. Following points need to be kept in mind for wordings. Firstly, the certificate should have precise description leaving no room for confusion.

A gift paying for two persons should not be mistaken due to lack of clarity to mean the whole family. They can be avoided when wordings are carefully used.

Secondly, it is advisable to mention limitations and exceptions, if so desired, in Christmas Gift Certificates. It is better to specify that the gift is limited to, say, Rupees two thousand worth than leave it vague.

Christmas massage gift certificate template


Christmas massage gift certificate templates

Printable Christmas Gift Certificate

Using your home computer, you can print Printable Christmas Gift Certificates which are available for free. This way, some money is saved and the certificates get a personal touch.

It saves you the time and visit to the stores. Those exasperating moments you would have otherwise faced in stores in running through piles of certificates dumped at the crowded stores when the footfalls are high are thus easily avoided.

Christmas money gift certificate templates
Christmas travel gift certificate template
Christmas travel gift certificate templates

Christmas Gift Card Giveaways

To add to the Christmas cheer, many use giveaways in addition to usual gifts. It could be a simple draw where winners are selected to receive giveaways. This encourages participation from the general public adding more excitement to them in Christmas season.

It may give the winners gift cards of a fixed value, say, Rs 2000 to be spent at selected stores. Who will not be happy to get some money unexpectedly that comes handy for splurging during Christmas celebrations?

Christmas tree gift certificate template

Christmas dinner gift certificate templates
 Christmas tree gift certificate templates

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

There are very many ideas regarding Christmas Gift baskets and one has just to name it to have it. If it for candies for children, there are fanciful containers which can be picked up to make a mark. When the gift is for friends, who are fond of beer, baskets suitably designed with an eye for aesthetics are available. These have plenty of space for snacks too to go along with beer.

If your recipient is a health buff, a fruit basket having partitions for different fruits will be immensely liked by him. Pack it with apples, oranges and pears and notice the broad smile on his face at the time of receiving the gift.

Generic christmas gift certificate
Generic christmas gift certificates
Generic christmas gift for you certificate

 Christmas Gift Certificate Display Ideas

When the Christmas festivities are over, the cards and gifts one receives from family members, friends, and colleagues deserve to be displayed for reminiscing feelings and warmth to last for some more days instead of abruptly ending. There are many innovative ideas for display. Some are mentioned below.

  1. Christmas Card Garland can be easily made by just hanging the cards on a string and putting a little greenery.
  2. Hanging Card Display: Just using the branch of a tree in the backyard and tying cards with strings to it is a nice way to display.
  3. Christmas Trees placed on table tops provide an excellent place to display cards. One has just to tuck cards making small holes to get them fixed at the various branches of the tree.
  4. Vintage Card Display: A glass lamp base bottom can be sprinkled with sea salt and Christmas trinkets and trimmed pine branches can be the background for a vintage card display.
Generic christmas gifts certificate
Generic christmas gift for u certificate

Card Exchange Ideas

In Christmas season, everyone seems to get tired as the gift buying and giving turns out to be a never-ending process. There are many card exchange ideas that can give joyful experiences. A few tips are mentioned below.

There are many games played for fun where gift exchanges take place. A simple flip of a coin for Heads or Tails can decide the outcome. The rules can be framed by the members of the group. For example, if it is Tail, then one unwraps the gift. The game gets completed when all the gifts are unwrapped.

Similarly, in another game, everyone has to draw a card which tells what needs to be done with the gift. The cards are themed on the 12 days of Christmas songs.

Generic Merry christmas gift certificate
Gift certificate from santa

Christmas money gift certificate template

Homemade Christmas Gift Certificate Template

They are unconventional and cheap where you can show your artistic bent a bit. When you are not sure what the recipient would prefer to get as a gift, it is safe to make one gift certificate yourself. Put your out-of-box ideas in making them and it is bound to satisfy and impress the recipient.

The templates can be downloaded from sites in PDF or Word. The free homemade gift certificates may look simple but it can get an elegant look on using a proper font size and frame design. Since these certificates do not have any specific theme, they can be used for various purposes by just putting the correct information therein.

Christmas Gift Certificate Envelope Template

Christmas gift certificate envelope template


A gift card put in an attractive envelope not only enhances its appearance but also wraps up the warm feelings expressed therein. There are many color, designs and shapes one can select. For example, a Square Card in Gift Envelope with Golden Ribbons will look so elegant.

Christmas Gift cards enclosed inside envelopes, which have “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” printed with selected Clipart images relevant to Christmas, will sell like hot cakes.

Free printing envelope templates can be downloaded and used with chosen designs and Clipart images.

Christmas Blank Gift Certificate Template Free

These templates make things very simple and convenient in the Holiday season. There are many available for free downloading and can be edited. One can put additional text like company’s name, expiry date, holiday greetings etc besides the company logo.

There are several designs and one can choose what appeals to him most. The steps to make one are given below for those who may not be familiar with the process.

  1. Select a Christmas Gift Certificate Template.
  2. Click on ‘Customize’.
  3. Click on the text you want to edit and type your text.
  4. Print.

Holiday Voucher Sample

Vouchers are used for the exchange of goods and services. They have fixed monetary value which can be redeemed.

A typical voucher contains the following details.


Monetary details


Stamp or Signature

Businesses use vouchers for promos of products. One can incorporate brands suitably on them for publicity.

Free 4×6 Gift Certificate Template

These are simple and can be downloaded from sites. Filling up the recipient’s and giver’s names and putting the date completes the job. A typical one would read as follows.

                                       A Gift For You

Company’s Name:

Gift is for (Write the value say Rs 1000)

To: (Recipient’s name)

From: (Giver’s name)


Holiday Gift Certificate Template

Besides having following essential details, Christmas Holidays Gift Templates can be made attractive with color and design schemes – usually with images of bells and ribbons.

They have the common format.

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

                                                                 Date                                         No

Presented to ………

A gift of      ……….

From           ………..                                                                 Space for

Adding note

Valid at      ………..

Authorized by …….

Authorized signature

These templates are available for free downloads and can be edited and customized.

Christmas Gift Certificate Clipart

There are hundreds of free downloadable free clipart images which can be used for Christmas Gift Certificates. The most popular ones are Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeers, candles, teddy bears, stars and of course Santa.

There are different styles of Clipart. Some are modern, some are fun and some are traditional. The vast array of Clipart images makes it difficult at times to make a selection.


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