Also known as the cardiovascular system, it consists of the blood, heart and blood vessels.



It is responsible for the transportation of blood and nutrients such as electrolytes and amino acids, oxygen, hormones and blood cells to other body cells for nourishment and stabilising the body temperature. The free cardiology PowerPoint template features the design of the sketch of a heart’s anatomy, with a steady pulse rate from it. The template can be downloaded by junior school teachers for science classes, both theory and practical, with the chart of the circulatory system in a picture format with numbering of organs, and their names in the accompanying slides. It can also be downloaded by science for children websites where they can put up facts about the circulatory system in the slideshow, along with a small quiz of the facts in the same PowerPoint with a download link. Animated clips of the organs in work can also be embedded in the PowerPoint for making the learning process interesting for children.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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