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A popular musical instrument, it is popular and has been actively used in the music scene, inclusive of film music scores and live performances, since the 20th century. The guitar is an instrument with various strings made of materials such as nylon string, steel strings, etc and requires knowledge of chords to play it with the help of a pick or fingers for the more experienced. This Classic Guitar PowerPoint template has been designed keeping in mind the all-encompassing emotions that the instrument can convey from happiness to melancholy, with an image of a sandalwood colored classic guitar against a yellow backdrop with floating black music notes. The free music PowerPoint template can be used at music concerts with embedded background audio scores and tunes, with running lyrics in the slides in an animation format. It can also be downloaded for presentations at music schools for introduction to beginners about the types of guitar such as classical, acoustic, electric, bass, etc with accompanying small audio clips of tunes produced by each type, and with the examples of a few chords in the slides as images.

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