Common health problems PowerPoint Template


Due to change in lifestyle and weather from what it was years ago, the occurrence of diseases has greatly increased and thus medicines are valued more than they ever were.



Some commonly occurring diseases include cold and influenza, obesity, acne, etc. Due to increasing numbers consuming alcohol and taking up smoking, diseases like liver failure and tuberculosis are also on the rise. This free medical PowerPoint template has the picture of two animated cartoon figurines of a general physician and a patient shaking hands, representing the theme of common health illnesses. The template can be used by general physicians while addressing the public at awareness campaigns and health seminars, with statistics and pictorial depictions to boost interest and involvement of the audience. Video clips of ‘no smoking’ advertorials and public messages can be embedded in the slideshow as well. Psychologists can make guest visits to high schools and use this PowerPoint to talk to students about peer pressure and the subsequent smoking and alcoholism. Educational websites can put up the slideshow with common diseases, the viruses it is caused by and some remedies.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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