Crabs Powerpoint Template


The template talks about one of the most recognized aquatic creatures, the crab, which has about 7,000 identified species.


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Belonging to the family of crustaceans alongside crayfishes, lobsters and shrimps, crabs are sea animals with ten legs, known as decapods and a hard exoskeleton. They have short tails and reduced abdomens, along with two pincers using which they catch their prey for food and as a weapon. They are also a popular sea food item in countries like United Kingdom and the continent of Asia. Crabs can be usually found underwater in the ocean near aquatic plants, or on land near the shore, or buried under sand as a protection mechanism, resting and mating. This free underwater PowerPoint template has the picture of a friendly and animated red crab in a light blue background which represents its home, the sea. The template can be used in science classes for junior school or primary school children due to its child-friendly feel with the cartoon clip of the crab. The slideshow can also have animated effects of bubbles inside to make the presentation more appealing to children. It can be accompanied by pictures of some species of crabs, and its anatomy.

You can do free Underwater PowerPoint template download from below location:

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