It is a field of law that stands for moral and social uprightness, with a set of regulations which if defied fall under its purview.



Criminal law deals with issues such as personal, property and fatal offenses; and the five objectives followed by this type of law are deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, restoration and retribution. Criminal law punishments are usually very strict and include death punishment sentences. India’s criminal laws are divided into three sets of acts- Code of Criminal Procedure (1973), Indian Evidence Act (1872) and Indian Penal Code (1860). The free law PowerPoint template has terms related to criminal law practice in big and coloured font typeface set against a black background and sets a serious theme. The template can be used by criminal law practitioners on their websites, with some interesting cases they’ve dealt with and their contact details in the slides. Law websites providing information to the general public can use the PowerPoint for disseminating information about the various offences that come under the purview of criminal law, and archives of criminal law acts.

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