Cyber crime PowerPoint Template


Also referred to as computer crime, it is a new wave of crime that makes use of a computer and the internet to commit crimes that threaten an individual and the nation’s security and interests.



Examples of cyber crime include identity theft, malware and computer viruses, piracy, hacking, phishing scams, child pornography, cyber terrorism, etc. India has a cyber crime cell in each state for the purpose of reporting and tracking of cyber criminals. The typical punishment for cyber crime comprises of imprisonment of three years and more, with liability of fine of Rs 1 crore. This free PowerPoint template has the picture of a laptop with the word ‘Spam’ in a punishable offence sign, and a pair of handcuffs for arrest of cyber criminals, set against a stark white background. The PowerPoint can be used by police offers from the cyber crime cell and department while addressing schools and communities about tips to spot a cyber crime or criminal and how to report them. Websites about safety and precaution can make use of the template while addressing issues of growing threats to children especially in the cyber world, with relevant data and statistics in pictorial form. Children can use the template for school projects on cyber law and crimes.

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