Dance Certificate Template – 26+ Free Certificates for Dance Competition & Teaching

To create a dance certificate template is a tough task as you need to have an understanding about the words need to be included in the same, a clip art or image associated with the dance form for which you are awarding the same, and much more.  After all, it should be picture perfect as giving away a performance that deserves a certificate is not a mean feat!  It not only demands a good coordination of hands and legs but also a reasonable amount of facial expression to make it stand out from the rest. So, if you are running a dance school or going to organize a dance competition within an organization, or in your locality, you need some dance certificate templates with you. 

Free Dance Certificate Templates

certificates for dance competition are also widely used by dance teachers, dance academies, and school or college authorities to recognize the talent of the best dance performer at an event.

Ballet dance certificate

Ballroom dance certificate

Best choreography certificate

Best dance certificate

Best dance direction certificate

 However, I acknowledge the fact that it may be a possibility that you will not get enough time to design a dance certificate from scratch and use it as a template for all the deserving candidates with little modifications. See, designing is a creative job and demands some creativity

Also, the procedure is a time consuming one. Yes, you can always hire a proficient graphic designer to have a stunning dance certificate template and the turnaround will be quick, but the price will surely pinch you. Instead, you can make use of my readymade dance certificate templates for free!


Best dancer certificate

Best duo dance certificate

Best solo dance certificate

Dance achievement certificate

Dance award certificate

Sounds unbelievable right?

However, what you read just now is quite true. Well, this can be a reality as here I am going to present here a collection of dance certificate templates that you can download without spending a single penny. Go through my collection and pick the ones that you think are perfect to serve your purpose. Next, download them with a single click and edit to use it right away! Here, I am assuming that you have some sort of knowledge about Microsoft Word and the editing part will be a breeze for you.


Still, it is a wise idea to have some knowledge of dance certificate design. So let’s have a look.

Certificates for Dance Competition

Dance completion certificate

Dance contest certificate

Dance gift certificate

Dance group certificate

Dance lesson gift certificate

How to create a dance certificate design?

 See, there is nothing particular about designing a dance certificate and one can be created to a great extent. Apart from inserting a decorative border around the text at the center, you can also include attractive images of dancers or anything related to the particular dance form for which you are awarding the certificate. For example images in a hip-hop dance certificate template will be different from a tango dance certificate template. To understand, how you need to place the images, you can give a look at our dance contest competition certificate and you will understand that this is usually in the background, at the center in-between the text or at one side in a color scheme that accentuates the beauty of the overall dance certificate.

The text in the heading in a dance certificate template goes like the following ones:

And many more…

Dance participate certificate

Dance performance certificate

Dance sample

Dance school certificate

Apart from a heading in a large font, other remaining texts include date, month, year, name of the recipient, signature of the authorized person and name of the organization giving away the certificate. Remember, all the remaining text that of the recipient’s name should be in relatively smaller font than the header font size. You can use as many colors as you want but the end result should look eye-catching. Since, there is no fixed dance certificate format that gives you ample scope to stay creative in your efforts.

As if this is not enough….

I will also guide you to create a dance lesson gift certificate. Now, you may have not heard about the certificate at all or can be too familiar with the same.


Dance team certificate

Dance template

Fast learner dance award

Hip Hop dance certificate

Jazz dance certificate

Know what dance lesson gift certificates are 

These certificates are actually popular among people who have a passion for dance. By awarding these certificates to their loved ones on special occasions, they introduce those people into their world of Ballroom, Latin, Tango, Ballet or other form of dancing. You can award these certificates on the following special occasions –

And much more

Street dance certificate

Trio dance certificate

So, now that you have an idea about dance certificate, you can choose to either design from scratch or look at our collection and download the best dance certificate template with a single click. There is no dearth of stunning dance contest certificate template created by professionals to cater the diverse needs.