Datsun Readygo – New City Hatchback Review


Datsun launched a sensible car recently in the entry segment aiming to capture major market share in India after their first two cars (Go & Go plus). Apart from the name Go, Readygo doesn’t share anything on the model. It has built over whole new platform called CMF. The car is aggressively targeted at urban commuters.

The best three features that I liked in Datsun Readygo:

Sporty & Attractive Outlook

Datsun Readygo has all the signature elements of Datsun – The hexagonal grill with Logo at the center and chrome finish to give premium look in the front. The day time running LED lamps is really classy and upmarket. (Once you turn on the headlamps, the led’s go off automatically ). The front face is attractive, sporty and looks very nice. The character lines running from front wheel till the tail lamp adds to the sporty & cross-over look of the car from the sides. Smart Youthful design and bright body colors adds to the overall look and feel of the car as an urbanrider.

Spacious Interiors

It is taller and urban hatchback. Tall boy design makes it easy for tall people to get in and out of the car at ease. The wide open doors will be very useful for older people to be seated at back without any problem. Nice comfortable seats with added side support gives ample view area for the driver.  The lower back rest is very good even though the seats look thin. The slim front seats add to the space for the back seats considering this as a compact car. This is a good feature. It also has 220 ltr boot space – that is good enough for small families /city commutes. Dashboard looks attractive though it doesn’t provide a premium or fancy features.  Multi Information display provides information such as Distance to empty, fuel guage, instant fuel mileage, etc. The Air-conditioning is very effective and cools the car in no time.

Driving Control & Mileage

Ready go has good a good steering control for city drive. Clutch is very light and lenient makes it a best option for city traffic where you need to keep changing gears. Steering is perfect for city rides – feels light under 40 and heavy and gives better feedback over 60 for nice driving experience. Short turning radiance gives the driver good capability to take U turns in short city roads. The long wheel base and high ground clearance of 185mm gives better driving in bad roads. It provides pretty good stability on high ways as well at driving speeds around 90 -100 km/ hour. The front seats are given in a hight to have commanding view on the road. You can park this car in tiniest of parking places. Since the car feels very light, it is going to be one of the best fuel efficient car in its segment.

I would love to test the car in Hyderabad especially in old hyderabad areas near charminar and koti. The place is very congested and has lot of potholes. I believe Datsun Readygo will be smooth in driving these places especially with this design suited for urban commuters.

If you are looking for looking for an affordable hatchback for city drive that feels stylish on outside and loads of room on the inside, then Datsun Readygo is the best fit. Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. Go for it !


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