27 Day Care Invoice Template Collection


Daycare is now no more a luxury but an essential service need by working parents. If you are running a daycare service, it is best to have a proper invoice template so that your invoice can look a thoroughly professional one that parents can also appreciate. So, lets have a look at some of the best daycare invoice templates from which you can choose any one as per your own choice for your daycare business.

1. Daycare Invoice Template

The template here is quite simple with a line drawing of a caregiver playing with his kid in one top corner and rest with blank spaces need to fill up. There are plenty of check boxes too which in fact will save your time while the same your client.

day care template-1


2. Daycare Receipt Template

The template is white and blue also has a line drawing of a caregiver cuddling a small kid in her lap. This one also features a table with multiple rows and two columns in total to  include all the necessary details needed to fill in a daycare receipt.

day care template-2


3. Daycare Invoice Form

The template layout here is simplistic with three separate sections i.e. one for day care centre details, one of the services and the last one  about child care check-in sheet in a table format. Yes, there is an adorable image of a caregiver too with a baby in a corner. day care template-3


4. Free Printable Daycare Invoice Template

The free printable invoice template for daycare is here simple yet elegant with a wide header in blue and a text box just below the same containing ample space to fill out all the information about customer or parents of the child used to stay in day care centre. Just below the same separated by white space is a table with multiple rows and columns in blue.

day care template-4


5. Daycare Invoice Template Word

The fully editable word template of the daycare invoice is eye-catching with a dash of maroon, pink and yellow. A thoroughly professional one, the template has an image in the right hand side at the top and upper half devoted to details about day care centre and the customer. The lower half features a table with five columns .day care template-5


6. Home Daycare Invoice Template

The black and white invoice template is apt if you want to keep the things simple.This one has a clean layout with a text box just beside a line drawing of a caregiver playing with a child and below the same, a table with multiple columns.

day care template-6


7. Family Day care Invoice Template

The template is best with just the all details necessary and no extra information!The template features a cute image in the right hand corner at the top and below the same a table with two columns and multiple rows containing ample space to fill of necessary details. With details like means of conveyance, medication, allergies (if any), you say this an ideal one.

day care template-7


8. Daycare Invoice Template Free

Meals are an important aspect of a day care service and including the same in invoice is highly recommended. The template although quite simple with an image and gaps to fill in the upper half has a table for daycare section including minute details like meal details, nap timings and even potty timings!


day care template-8


9. Daycare Form

With simple blank spaces to fill up throughout the form, nothing can be more simpler than this template which you can use at the time of any new admission in your day care centre.  Every possible detail can be included here effortlessly and the form template features an image too in right hand corner at the top.

day care template-9


10. Daycare Receipt

The receipt has a nice template with a line drawing and a large text box on a white background. The blue header is prominent and the space is enough in the text box to fill all necessary details like parent details, amount paid,  caregiver’s full name and his identification details.


day care template-10


11. Invoice Template for Daycare

Grab this template as it not only simple and straightforward but also features everything that you need to put in a daycare invoice. With daycare provider’s details to multiple check boxes for additional information regarding the day care center, child and payment, the template feature a separate section for provider’s and parent’s signature at the bottom.




12. Sample Daycare Invoice Template

A combination of green and white with a table format makes this invoice template an apt one to use for your daycare service. The template features an image too in black and green in one corner at the top. Make this one your own if you wish to have the flexibility of using a single receipt for quarterly, monthly or weekly stay purpose.




13. Child Care Invoice Template Free

The child care invoice template is here with a clean layout. An image in the left and three separate sections pertaining to day care centre details, services provided and child details in rows and columns makes this one an ideal to choose for a professional look.



14. Child Care Invoice Template Word

As the name implies, the template in word is editable and you can change the headers in the table provided in the lower half to include information that you think deserve a place in your invoice. Featuring a line drawing in one corner and a text box in the upper -half, the template also has a text box for total amount, tax and total due.



15. Child Care Invoice Template Download

Download the beautiful child care invoice template a dash of bright orange! The ample white space as well as the table format will give you ample scope to include all details that you may be required in a child care invoice. With separate rows for tax and additional free, this one is really good.



16. Child Care Receipt Template

The no fuss receipt template has a textbox in the left and an elegant picture in the right below which there is a table in pink and maroon to fill out all the necessary details. The text box and the image is here separated from the table by ample white space.



17. Child Care Invoice Template

Simplicity is written all over the invoice template with an image in a corner, a header beside the same and a table in blue-white just below with all possible details that you need to have in a daycare invoice!




18. Free Daycare Template

The template is an adorable one with an image of a caregiver holding a child in the right and a header in white text over purple background. There is a table too apart from text space for filling out necessary information like child and parent details, nap time, special notes, etc.



19. Daycare Contract Form

The contract form template is all white except a bit of green color in an image featured in the right corner at the top.  With adequate lines given for filling all the details of parent, care giver and day care center, this one is just perfect. DAY CARE TEMPLATE 19


20. Babysitting Receipt Template

If you desire to have a receipt which has just the required details and not much to avoid clutter, grab this one with both hands and the cherry over the top is that the template features a field for care giver’s security number or employee identification number too!



21. Child Care Invoice Template Excel

Simple yet neat childcare invoice template in excel format is provided below.



22. Daycare Invoice Excel Template

This one is an excel based daycare invoice template. It has an additional column to mention any taxes that are levied for the services by the organization.



Some templates below available for free from around the web:

23. Daycare Invoice Word Free Download

The word template is a brilliant one with company i.e. daycare contact details at the top and a table below with rest of the details to be filled in respective columns. If you have a logo of your daycare business, you can place it here in the corner.



24. Daycare Invoice Online (fill form online and print it ) – 1

The invoice template here will be generated automatically just after filling the form with requisite fields. The layout is an out and out professional one with adequate white space and a table with colored multiple rows and columns.daycare-invoice-template-24


25. Daycare Invoice Online (fill form online and print it ) – 2

You can generate an invoice online too and then print it! Just fill a form online with all the necessary details as asked in the given fields and voila! Your professional invoice is ready for your customer!The layout has a cute teddy bear image too in the left.



26. Weekly Daycare Invoice Template

If you are looking for a weekly daycare template, this one is the right pick with a table format in light yellow and gray. This also have a dedicated row to fill up necessary details of the caregiver too.


27.  Simple Daycare Invoice

The blue -white invoice template layout is an outstanding one with company name i.e. day care center name, address details, invoice number and additional details like date of service, child name,etc in  a table format.




Hope you liked the collection of daycare invoice templates. Feel free to comment on any new template designs and requirements in the below comment section.


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