A healthy lifestyle is needed to keep our most precious and vital organ, the heart, safe and changing times have ensured that the risks of cardiac diseases are on the rise.



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Due to sedentary lifestyles, obesity creeps in which adversely affects the heart and clogs the arteries when excess of junk food is consumed. Similarly, smoking, alcoholism and consumption of tobacco poses innumerable dangers to the heart and should be completely put a stop to. This free cardiology template has the design of a red heart which is bruised and with a sad face, blood pouring out and a dangerously low pulse rate- an indicator of bad heart health. The PowerPoint can be used by medical professionals and cardiologists as a presentation in health and medical fairs and seminars, to make the general public aware about keeping our vital organ in a good condition. It can be used for home science presentations by junior school students, with pictures of bad habits affecting the heart put into the slides as well, and the names of a few cardiac diseases.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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