32 Spectacular Free DJ Flyer Templates : PSD, DOC


Free DJ Flyer Templates: Are you planning to organize a happening party at your home or at some other venue? Well, you will surely need some eye-catching DJ flyers to distribute. Since designing a flyer is a time-consuming job, it is better to opt for ready-made customizable templates! Here, we have a fair collection of DJ flyer templates for you that you can put to your use by customizing the text and other elements effortlessly. So, let us have a look at the following DJ flyer templates.

DJ Flyer Templates Free

With bright hues of golden yellow and youngsters partying hard in the background, the template is an awesome one. It has a good contrast of blue, red, yellow, and white too.



DJ Flyer Templates PSD

The template is artistic with an illustration of a DJ playing music amidst an eye-catching graphical design on a black background. The text in various colors i.e. white, red, purple adds the desired contrast to the template.



DJ Event Flyer Templates Free

The template features an array of speakers in the center and a pair of bright orange autumn leaves in one corner. The word template has large text boxes and a circle for text in varied colors.



DJ Business Flyer Templates

There a bright silvery disco globe at the top of the template design on a subtle dark background on which there is a yellow abstract shaped design with text.



Live DJ Flyer Template PSD

A headset on a disco globe in the template clearly communicates that the DJ night will be all a musical one. The illustration of the speaker and the disco globe is on a pristine white background. There is also a use of gray and purple to add contrast.



Free DJ Advertising Flyer Template

Now, this is truly vibrant! The hues of bright purple and yellow with an image of two speakers convey it all effortlessly that the night will be a rocking one. The text is in white on black and pink colored text boxes.



DJ Flyer Templates Free Download

The flyer template is an elegant one with streaks of golden and black in an alternative fashion with a prominent image of a man. The header has some interesting usage of fonts in yellow and white.



DJ Battle Flyer Template PSD

The template is just brilliant to capture the attention of anyone. It features an image of a hooded DJ with chiseled chest looking straight into the eyes and text in white on a dark graphical background.


downloadHalloween Dance Party DJ Flyer Template

Now this is something specifically for a Halloween DJ party. With a full moon, flying bats and an old house, this seems a perfect pick. The text in yellow, red and white clearly mentions the name of DJs and other party details.



Club DJ Flyer Template PSD

If you are looking for some subtle flyer template, the below one is great with a cool color combination of black and ocean-blue. It features a mike in the center and two speakers at the two ends of the footer.



Mobile DJ Flyer Templates

The template looks great and has a sexy feel to it with an image of a girl in bright red dress in a tantalizing pose. The fonts are interesting and the color scheme goes well with the center image to make it an eye-catching one.



DJ Flyer Template Photoshop

This PSD flyer template is polished in its appearance and some great fonts and color combination of bright pink and black. It features plenty of images of varied size perfectly incorporated within the design layout.



DJ Party Flyer Template

With an illustration of a DJ playing music, the template conveys it all smartly. Customize the text given in contrasting white and yellow and make your party a successful one for sure!



DJ King Flyer Template

The flyer features a variety of shades i.e. white, red, green and black with a prominent text ‘at the center in large fonts. There is also an image of a DJ at the center on a subtle background.



Broken Glass DJ Flyer Template Download

The template has a unique color scheme and impressive fonts in varied colors i.e. pink, white, black, and blue. To make it clear as a DJ night, you can include an image of a DJ by a little effort.



Disco Diva DJ Flyer Template

The most striking feature of the flyer template is an image of a girl with blonde hair and a text in white. There is also use of pink, white, black and brown colors to make it an eye-catching one.



DJ Flyer Templates PSD Free Download

The various shades of gray and pink never appear so seductive before! The template has its text in contrasting colors like white, blue and pink. Overall, the template scores high in terms of designing.



Club DJ Flyer Template

A color combination of navy blue and green always look endearing and the template exactly has the same with an illustration of a girl. The graphics in the background are exciting and adds to the overall beauty of the flyer template.



Club DJ Flyer Template – 2

The DJ flyer template looks sophisticated with some interesting graphics, high-resolution images and well-placed fonts in contrasting white color.



DJ Battle Flyer Template PSD

The flyer is simple with a multitude of headphones in red with black stripes. The font is white in large-size.



DJ Event Flyer Template

If you want a flyer template that looks different from the crowd, the below one with contrasting black and blue illustration on a pristine white background is indeed the best!



DJ Night Flyer Template

The flyer template has a beautiful illustration of a man playing the disc in light blue. The background is white with text in dark black.



DJ Battle Night Flyer Template DOC

Different shades of green, interesting graphics and illustrations set this DJ flyer template apart from others. It has text in black and some splash of yellow too.



Disco Diva DJ Template DOC

A disco globe, a girl-playing disc and several hands rising up, sets the party mood instantly. The flyer has shades of green, orange, blue and white with font mostly in white to maintain a good color contrast.



Party Night Live DJ Flyer Template

If you have a desire to create a DJ flyer template with a difference, download the below one with bright pink, yellow and black colors on a relatively subtle background. It has its text in black, blue, white and of course, pink.



DJ Flyer Template – Music Theme – DOC

The flyer template features an array of musical instruments on a white background with splashes of pink in the left and blue in the right side. There is also a text box at the bottom in one corner.



Club DJ Flyer Template – 3

The flyer is amazingly beautiful with hues of blue and pink. It has an equally stunning image of a DJ party. With fonts in black and white, the template deserves a try.



DJ Flyer Template PSD

Include the name of your DJ at the top in multicolored font and the flyer template with a color scheme of purple, white and yellow is eye-pleasant.



DJ Flyer Template – Doc

If you want to have some bright flyer template for customization, the bright red template with white text and a good illustration looks appealing.



Free DJ Flyer DOC

The template in blue has an image of a speaker at the center on a light ocean blue background with subtle graphics in light blue. The text is at the top and bottom in black and red.



DJ Promo Flyer Template

The easy to customize DJ flyer template has a light color scheme with an illustration in black and an image in pink. All the text at the top and bottom are in black.



Biggest Event DJ Flyer

If you have invited a female DJ to rock the part, the below one in pink and black with an illustration of a girl mixing tracks is a sure pick.



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