25+ Realistic Looking Doctors Note For Work – You can use today


This article provides collection of professional doctors notes for work. Each doctors note for work is designed to satisfy need of a patient to return to work or school with this note.

Get instant access to our 24 professional and free doctors note templates by downloading them today. Feel free to edit to customize based on your need.

Classic Doctors Note For Work

This is a simple doctors note with no-fuss look and ideal for people residing in small towns or in rural areas. It can be customized too by clinics. The letter consists of a detailed letterhead which is contemporary in terms of its design and footer too.

Classic Doctors Note

downloadSimple Doctors Note For Work

If you are looking for a doctors note that can be excellently used as a post-accident form, this one is the perfect pick with a rubber stamp of a doctor. The form is addressed to the employer and indicates the work status of the employee who has suffered an accident. It can be used as a legitimate excuse to have some rest post accident or any incident that either need a day off from work or light duty at work.

Simple Doctors Note


Universal Doctors Note For Work

This note template is considered highly authentic and is customizable in its nature. In any medical complication, the universal doctor’s note holds its own importance. It features multiple checkboxes, a bar code, a colored logo and a background. It also has the personal stamp of the doctor in a corner.

Universal Doctors Note



  • The doctor’s contact details, such as his/her address, phone number and of course name and credentials.
  • The date of creation and time off the document.
  • The patient’s name.
  • The reason for the consultation.
  • A document certifying the consultation.

Work School Excuse – Doctors Note Template

This note has been provided to us by of our customer and we have of course changed the clinic name as well as other information given on the same. This is a kind of generic note and can be used for school or work excuse.



School Work Release – Doctors Note Template

The form excludes extreme professionalism and can be customized easily to make it suitable to be issued from a medical facility of any type.



Cardiology Doctors Note For Work

For non-visual ailments like chest pains, the note is an ideal one with a distinct logo and has an overall professional look. There are multiple restrict fields too within the note and exclusive check boxes. Apart from these, the note contains an area dedicated for Doctor ID at the bottom too.

Cardiology Doctors Note


Children Clinic Doctors Note For Work

The template is a simple one with a header, footer and a body section. It is intended for the parents of a child who is sick or needs a physician’s appointment.

Childrens clinic doctors note


Chiropractor Doctors Note For Work

The note features authentic looking logo and a watermark with multiple checkboxes for various ailments. It also consists of a field in which additional issues (if any) can be included.

Ciropractor Doctors Note


Dentist Doctors Note For Work

The note contains the watermark of a dentist’s logo and is extremely simple in its appearance. As it is recommend visiting a dentist after every six months, the simple note is justified for those who make frequent absences.

Dentist Doctors Note



  • The note has the innate power to prevent and protect an individual from any consequences that may arise due to the missing of work, any function, or any other responsibility or duty. It can also be used as a real and authentic seeming excuse when one is faced with jury duty or a court hearing.
  • The doctor’s note can serve as a great excuse if one has been absent from work for some time and hence can help to get you out of trouble. It can also help to make use of your paid sick leaves. But the point that has to be noted is that as mentioned earlier, this is a legal document and hence it needs and garners a great deal of respect. There is also the added advantage were if your employer were to ignore the directions given in the note then they would be responsible for any damage caused due to working with the illness.
  • There are people who are of sharp and cunning intellect who use these templates provided by this site to create fake doctor’s notes in order to explain their absence. But this comes with great risk as the document is legal and its misuse is illegal and is punishable by law. Hence if those using fake notes are discovered they can be easily fired from their places of employment or be expelled from their place of learning.

Dermatology Doctors Note For Work

The note is a super gorgeous one excluding realism and a modern look with multiple checkboxes and a logo. The note is related to and can be used for skin diseases.

Dermatology Doctors Notedownload

ENT Doctors Note For Work

Unique in its design, the Ear, Nose, Throat note contains a pair of logos, a watermark, a barcode and yes, a stamp too!

ENT Doctors Notedownload

Eye Doctors Note For Work

The note is to use to convey about routine checkups just like the dentist note and has a sleek logo as well as a watermark.

Eye Doctors Notedownload


  • Easily and instantly available.
  • Cost effective and time saving.
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Gynecology Doctors Note For Work

The note clearly deals with an issue which is private and personal. It features an artistic logo and a field that indicates the restrictions that the patient needs to follow. It has the doctor ID number and some good designed elements too.

Gynecology Doctors Notedownload

Medical Absense Report – Doctors Note Template

With a bar code of data matrix, the report has a unique layout and is good for indicating general illness. It also has a logo, serial number in red and a watermark which makes it appear more genuine with fields for personal information and limitations in activity.

Medical Absense Report Doctors Notedownload

Medical Excuse – Doctors Note Template

The slip has an appearance as that of a prescription pad from a clinic and feature a medical logo too. It has also got some unique design elements like numbering in a corner.

Medical Excuse Doctors Notedownload

Mental Health Doctors Note Template

An excellent excuse of missing work or not attending school is mental health illness issues as such excuses garner wide sympathy from every corner. The letter is a simple one with an authentic look with letterhead and footer and a brief note of a psychologist. The note features an attractive logo and is one of the best in the collections. This is more like a note format of an excuse of a mental health doctor.

Mental Health Doctors Note


Oncology Doctors Note Template

This is an outstanding note template that offers no details about health conditions of a patient, but has a customizable name field and the information about the cancer clinic. This note is enough to convey that the medical condition of the patient is extremely critical and this becomes all the more evident with its multiple bar codes, a background with partial color and number of revisions printed on the form itself.

Oncology Doctors Notedownload

Oral Surgery Doctors Note Template

This note is a much used one and is ideal for serving as a supplement to an appointment to a dentist. It features a superb logo and watermark.

Oral Surgery Doctors Notedownload


Life can often become boring and dull when you keep on repeating the same things day in and day out. This would have us craving something fun and adventurous. Due to this very reason there may have been at least one day in our lives when we opted to play ‘hooky’ from our duties and responsibilities. There may also be scenarios were we needed to be somewhere but our daily duties or work prevented us from being there. In all these scenarios when we couldn’t get a leave of absence, we would’ve skipped out claiming some reason or the other. But the most commonly used reason for this in such scenarios is probably a “medical leave or medical emergency”. Though this can be a convincing excuse for your being away, it can be difficult to prove its authenticity. For this we would need a certificate of authenticity and in this case it is a doctor’s note. This piece of paper can help you to prove the authenticity of your excuse and hence it has the power to both get you in trouble and get you out of trouble. But sometimes you may not get an authentic doctor’s note and here lies the importance of the service we provide. We provide easy ways to obtain these crucial notes.

Even if you obtain a doctor’s note, this excuse can be very tricky to pull off. This can only work out if you have the most authentic doctor’s notes possible that won’t attract much scrutiny. This site offers the most reliable and authentic doctor’s notes, which are also free of charge. We can provide you with the most realistic and trusted fake doctor’s notes that can help you get out of any tricky situation. Hence you can convince your superior that you have been feeling ill.

Patient Discharge Hospital Note Template

This first-rate form is a genuine replica of a release form of a hospital. It has plenty of fields that one can customize. This includes the vital statistics of the patient, instructions and follow-with many customizable fields including the patient’s vital statistics, patient instructions, and report on instructions. The form is very helpful in demonstrating the severity of the condition of a patient when encountered with a general illness or any kind of injury. The release form also features a colored photograph of the hospital from which it has been issued and a bar code.

Patient Discharge Hospital Note


Patient Discharge Summary

The note is very similar to the emergency room forms and is used when the period of absenteeism from work is longer than intended. With realistic photographs and details like patient ID barcode, this is indeed watchable. The simple form is intended to show that the person to whom the form belongs was in an emergency room earlier and now is eligible to get back at his or her work. It is simple and authoritative in terms of its effect. It is very official in terms of its looks and has separate fields to include name, arrival date and time too.

Patient Discharge Summary


Podiatry Doctors Note Template

The note is from a podiatrist and features an amazing logo. With its good looks and authentic appearance, it is worth a watch.

Podiatrist Doctors Note


Pregnancy Doctors Note Template

The note is in bilingual form and clearly indicates the date, pregnancy of a woman starts and the date which is considered as the expected one for delivery. This is a note in a letter format issued from a pregnancy centre. It conveys the pregnancy details like conception date, delivery date (estimated), as well as other vital information. You can also add the number of fetus so that it can be understood that the woman is carrying, a single child, twins, triplets or just how many children in her womb. This note looks professional and becomes apparent from the bar code and patient ID number.

Pregnancy Doctors Notedownload

Pulmonary Doctors Note Template

A pulmonologist is a lung doctor and indeed this template is to schowcase note from such a doctor only. This is best if cough or any respiratory illness has been contracted by a person while at work due to exposure to excessive dust or smoke.

Pulmonalogist Doctors Note


Urology Doctors Note Template

If you are in a habit of taking frequent breaks to go to the washroom at your workplace, the note can serve the purpose well and is a kind of specialist note that can be best kept inside a drawer. This note can be customized easily and features a medical watermark for authentication. The note is designed well as if it is from a family doctor or a general clinic and can be used aptly to get return to work.

Urology Doctors Note


Please note – these templates are provided only for educational / entertainment use only. Demplates.com is not responsible for any kind of misuse of these documents. The hospital names, doctor names and doctors signatures (if any) shown in the doctor note templates are purely a work of art and fiction. Any real life co-incidence with real hospitals / medical centers / doctors are unintentional co-incidence only.

Your health is of the utmost importance and hence you should take good care, in order to preserve it. But everyone gets sick now and again. You can’t just buy some medicine from the local store as you neither have the expertise nor the knowledge to diagnose your illness. This is when one needs a doctor. But even if we want to consult the doctor we may not be able to do this. This is due to the fact that we are tied up by our responsibilities and duties or by time or financial constraints. But if we have a special document which proves that we were consulting a doctor due to an illness, we can be exempted from these duties. The doctor’s note is that document.

A doctor’s note is a simple piece of paper that proves that you saw the doctor. It is issued to a patient by a doctor. For this reason it is a legal document that confirms that such an appointment was made and a meeting took place. As the document confirms that the patient is sick after a diagnosis it is only supposed to be issued in that particular scenario. It is also a summary of the all the issues the doctor found during the diagnosis.

But it is to be noted that doctor’s notes are supposed to be used by real doctors as the name suggests. The site offers doctor’s notes templates and for this very reason it can be very handy to have them if you are a doctor. Also as the templates can be customised and printed for use it is quite easy to access. They are made to be completely authentic and hence it can help to increase the credibility of the doctor who is using it and will also create a professional feel. The site provides a kit which samples a few of the most commonly used excuses that can be stated when your absence is questioned. The site also provides guidance on filling the blank spaces in a doctor’s note.


  • There are those annoying sick leaves that make you pay up your hard earned money. But if you use the fake doctor’s note, it can spare you the money and effort. You can also use it to get medication for small diseases like a cold and hence you can avoid going to the doctor for such small issues. It can also save you the cost of consultation with a real doctor.
  • The schooling system has evolved to take the attendance rate of a student into their academic average. There is also the factor of getting punished if you don’t have a legitimate reason for absence. So students can use it to avoid getting penalized for a low attendance percentage. It can also be used if a child got sick but he/she was treated with home remedies and but they needed a doctor’s note for avoiding punishment.
  • If your employer has a strict rule about the number of bathroom breaks you take then you can use a fake doctor’s note and make arrangements to take as many breaks as you want. This can be done by stating that you have certain health problems which dictate that you take a break every so often.
  • It can also be used as a hilarious prank. You can trick you friends or colleagues in to thinking they have some hilarious disease by bringing in a fake doctor’s not which states the same. You can make arrangements so that people might think that you or someone else is pregnant and this can be a great opportunity for a good laugh.


Why are our templates so special and realistic you ask? These are the reasons.

  • Our templates are junk free. Detailed, concise and error free notes will be provided which can help you get the most realistic doctor’s note when paired with our best in class graphics. Great amounts of study and research has gone into our designs and hence it conveys the feel of a genuine doctor’s note.
  • The templates are free of charge and are of the utmost quality when compared to other fake notes and templates. They are even as good as the ones that have to be purchased.
  • Our templates are easy and quick to download. You can download them at a click of a button without waiting for any kind of email or link.
  • The templates we provide even have authentic watermarks and logos. This ensures that the doctor’s notes can pass as authentic. The water marks and logos are so authentic that you won’t be able to tell the real one and the fake one apart, hence raising less suspicion.
  • Our templates are also updated periodically. This helps to update the new improvements and the details. Hence there is no need for you to worry about getting caught when using our templates.


Don’t want to use our templates? fine. But there are a few aspects that you need to look for when searching for a good fake doctor’s note, these are inclusive of both the websites and the templates. Here are some:

  • There should be very different and customizable templates on the websites you visit. This will allow you to have a wider variety of notes to choose from. Our site offers a variety of excuses that can be used in numerous situations.
  • The fake doctor’s note must have certifiable authenticity. This means that if the authority to whom you present the note wants to verify its authenticity, then they should be able to do so easily.
  • The logos and water marks in your notes should be authentic, if they are not they can give you away. The signature of the template must also look authentic.

The information that has been provided will help you choose the best sites for the job. But you should make sure that the site you settle one must have all these features. Also as the internet has many such sites which provide this service it won’t be difficult for the users to find such templates. But you should be weary of unreliable sites that could lead you to lose your job, punishment or even expulsion from school. So it is advised that you use the recommended sites as much as possible.

Of course our site is very highly recommended. Here are a few of the types of templates we provide:

  • Mental health or psychological notes
  • Jury Duty Doctor Notice
  • Dentist Note
  • Gynaecologist Note
  • Cardiologist Note
  • Doctors Excuse Note
  • Urologist Note
  • Emergence Room Notes’
  • ENT Note
  • Podiatrist Note
  • Classic Medical doctor note
  • Oral surgery note
  • Return-to-work Doctor note
  • Eye specialist Note
  • Paediatrician note
  • Dermatologist note
  • Pregnancy Letter
  • General clinic note

These are only a few types from our vast galaxy of notes and templates. You can access them using this site. Since they are all customizable you will have the ability to alter them to your need and hence they will be tailored to suit you. There is a need for caution while preparing these notes. This is due to the fact that you may not need to alter them or they may confuse you with their abundance of choice, so try and stick to the basics.

This site can help you if you are a doctor or if you are a patient (be it a fake one). It can help you to feign illness and sort your problems out. A doctor can use the templates to reflect their clinics or hospital’s data allowing them to create numerous notes. This can be done quickly, easily and conveniently. The fake patient or the one feigning an illness also gets a great amount of help from this site as they can get templates to justify their excuses.


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