The template is centred on ecotourism, which is the travel to natural areas for the appreciation of nature, promotion of conservation and sustainable social and environmental development with the help of local people or indigenous communities.Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 514 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 514

 The characteristics of ecotourism are appreciation and understanding of biodiversity, sensitivity towards local communities’ efforts for conservation of nature, education of the tourist in learning more about nature and helping these local people in their preservation efforts. This free nature PowerPoint template features the design of the globe of the Earth holding a green grass covered land with swanky glass buildings and surrounded by flora, representing the co-existence of nature and man-made construction. The template can be used by ecotourism service providers, both government-affiliated and private, on their websites for details about the areas and the package details. College students studying Tourism can use the slideshow for projects or seminars on the growing popularity of eco-consciousness and ecotourism. Websites of nature conservancy groups organising hikes and other ecotourism activities can use the PowerPoint.

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